Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 6/22/19

Hello again, my friends.  Here we are again at the end of another reading week.

I picked up three new ebooks this week - a mystery, a courtroom thriller, and a post-apocalyptic UF.  Still have three ebooks left from before (fantasy, mystery, and SF suspense), so that makes 6.  I looked for more, but nothing else was blowing my skirt up this week.

Books read:

57) Forceful Intent (Porter #1) by RA McGee (6/21/19) - Suspense*.  New to me but not exactly in the parameters I set for 'underappreciated'.  Still, this book should be more appreciated than it is.  Jus' sayin'.  Picked this one up for free off the ENT newsletter.
Review: "Dang, that was good! I'd give it more stars if that were possible. Holy crap. Porter totally kicks butt and gets the job done. If this is indicative of the rest of the series, I'm in for a major treat. Woohoo!"

56) The Big Four by Agatha Christie (6/14/19) - Mystery - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  Got this at St. Vinny's for 50c.
No Review.  I mean, when a book's got tens of thousands of ratings and over a thousand reviews, what does it need my review for?  :shrug:

55) Birthright (Cog Chronicles #1) by PM Cole (6/16/19) - Steampunk Paranormal*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Got this for free after seeing an ad in ENT.
Review: "What a fun story! Like steampunk mixed with paranormal and a twist of mythical. So cool! I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to reading the next."


6/18/19 - Humor.  Got this one on a whim for free off Book Gorilla.  Made it about 30% of the way in.  Kept waiting for some kind of plot to kick in.  And then it started head-hopping, which I was okay with until it hopped into the head of a character they hadn't even introduced yet.  I mean, it was quirky and I like quirky.  But I also kinda like knowing where a book might be headed and with whom.

6/16/19 - Cozy Mystery.  I picked this one up on a whim from the thrift store.  It was one of my 6/$1 finds.  Anyway, I tried it.  Quickly discovered that I hate bullet-point lists in novels unless they are directly related to the story, and two in the first few pages are like reading someone else's grocery lists.  Yeah, I've heard some people say that they love their favorite authors so much they'd read their grocery lists, but this was a new-to-me author.  And we never really mean we'd read their grocery lists anyway.  PS.  I also hate when it feels like the author is trying to show me how hipster they are.

Currently reading...  A historical mystery set in China.  I've always enjoyed Pearl Buck and I'm fond of Amy Tan's work, so this seemed like a good fit and something different to read.  So far, so good.

What things did you read this week?  Anything good?

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  1. I finished up my re-listen of Nailini Singh's Psy-Changeling series and was set to jump into the newest release when the Patricia Briggs title I had on hold at the library dropped. So, I loaded up STORM CURSED (Mercy Thompson #11), the newest release. 4 stars, not underappreciated at all. Fun to be back in Mercy's world and I didn't need a reread of of the series. Not sure where this series can go before plots get refitted. Thatwas like #129 for me?

    Went back to Psy-Changeling with WOLF RAIN. It got 5 stars because I loved the two main characters.

    With that re-listen done, I started in on Christine Feehan's Shadow series release. I have a love/hate relationship with this author. She pushes a lot of my buttons (in a negative way) and I stopped reading several of her series. This series is paranormal/UF and the premise is interesting, as are the characters. Sadly, though, I'm starting to see a pattern as I start the new release. Anyway, Jim Frangione is a great narrator so there's that. Three books in, I'm crossing my fingers on this fourth one because there are at least two more siblings after this one.

    Anyway, I'm at 133 books out of 250 on my GR challenge, which puts me at 16 ahead of schedule. If it weren't for audio books, I'd be nowhere close. Not sure what I'll read when I finish SHADOW WARRIOR. I have a couple on the Kindle I should consider, along with a freebie on Audio.

    Happy reading!