Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday This n That

Gah!  How did it get to be Thursday again already?

I have to go out into the world today.  Except it's raining.  Oh, I have no problems driving in the rain.  I'd just prefer not to. 

I crawled out from under the wrong side of the rock this morning.  Probably because I was in a long, involved dream that I can't remember now.  I just have the feeling that damn dream lasted all night.  (I know it didn't.  They don't do that.)  And thus, that dream made me really tired like I was working all night.

Coffee is the savior of the day.

Yesterday, I went to the park.  The only other people there were far away from where I wanted to be.  Oh, and there are no park hosts for the time being.  Yay.  No one to harass me while I fish.  It was quiet, there was a breeze, and the fish were biting.  Only caught one keeper fish - a 19.5" flathead catfish.  I didn't keep him. 

The other day at the dollar store, I was just grabbing a cart when I noticed an old lady with a cane walking toward the door.  I leaned back out and asked if she needed a cart and since she did, I gave her the one I'd just pulled free.  She seemed really happy.  It only takes a moment to make someone's day.

Same day, I went to Wallyworld.  There was this dude singing as he walked through the aisles with his little family.  Which was kinda cool.  And kinda not.  He was offkey.  

For some reason, my big hydrangea only bloomed on the bottom branches this year.  Weird.

My little hydrangea is out there trying to survive after last year's deer attack left it munched to the ground.  It's up to about 3-4 inches tall now.  Go, little hydrangea. 

Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  Remember it well and hope we never have to do that again.

Now, go forth into your day.  Have a good one if you can and weather through if you can't.  :hugs:

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  1. Yeah...flash-flooding rain, lightning strikes and no power until late in the afternoon. So...a day late, a dollar short, and what else is new?

    Coffee is my best friend.

    Furry children are awesome.

    Writing? Deadline? What is this nonsense of which I speak?

    Time to catch up. Later, gator!