Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It's Tuesday

I know, duh, right?

Sorry I'm late today.  I was doing stuffs this morning - spreadsheet stuff and marketing posts mainly - and posting slipped my mind last night.  But I'm here now and that's the important thing.  Even if 'here now' means a post full of randomosity.

The finale for Best Baker in America was last night.  I won't ruin it for those who haven't watched it yet, but I'll just say I'm satisfied with the winner.  Although, I didn't think any of the finalists captured the essence of 'A Birthday Cake for America', the winner did the best of the three.

I'm not sure what's up with the macha powder trend.  It's supposed to be green tea powder.  I tried green tea once and thought it was gross.  Why anyone would want that flavor in a dessert escapes me.

We're seeing fawns.  It's a few weeks earlier than we usually see fawns, so they're all so tiny.  So cute!  I want to snuggle them all up.  This morning the twins and one of the singles was here.  The single was the smallest one.  Weird, because twins typically come out smaller than a single birth.  :shrug:  Cuteness overload, though.

Well, that was quick, but I have five minutes before I have to call the office and the cat is begging for her fish oil.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll try to have something more interesting to talk about tomorrow on Outside the Box (although what that'll be is beyond me right now.)

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  1. Did you hear about the folks on Folsom Lake in CA who rescued two fawns? Mom and fawns were swimming across the lake and got separated. Lots of boat traffic. Two boats stopped to help, including a guy who put on his life jacket (SMART!) to jump in to rescue the second. They took the little critters to shore, saw mom standing up the hill, released them, and there was a reunion. Yayayay!

    I keep having random thoughts that I think I should mention or blog about or something. Then I forget them. I hope they come back. Some of them were pretty cool.

    I got 3200 words done yesterday. I'm still way behind but WORDS! I hope they aren't awful words. I refuse to look at them because I need new words, not to fix old words.

    LG admitted that Loki is cute. He even relates Loki antics that I didn't see. This is a deal. Trust me. LOL

    Oh! I've learned a neat trick. Or it is if you use Windows. If you hit your Windows key on your keyboard and the period key, a little window opens with emogis. Sometimes, if that doesn't work, you can right-click your mouse and at the top of that window, it says "Emoji". Click on it and you get the same window. Yay! 🧐

    The rest of the thoughts are still eluding me. Time to work. After I "see a man about a dog" and get fresh coffee. Oh! There's a new study out about caffeine helping to burn fat. Sadly, if that was true, I'd look like Twiggy. It's probably the soy milk I use. Yeah...I'll blame it on that.

    later, tater!