Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thursday This n That

I typically do dishes in the morning.  My mother would shudder in horror.  She hates leaving dishes in the sink.  I, too, hate waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes.  But I hate doing dishes at night even more.  Except when I'm writing.  Taking a break to do dishes is kind of my thing.

Hubs gave me an awesome idea for a novel.  I wrote it on a napkin because, oddly enough, I have no paper by my recliner right now.  I have no clue how to implement this awesome idea, but it's preserved for when I'm ready for it.  It's kind of Project Hermes meets Blink (for the those of you who haven't read those - and why not? - that would be political thriller meets dystopian.)

I was supposed to make french bread pizza yesterday.  Wallyworld had some nice french bread loaves on sale and that would save me from having to make pizza dough. But we went fishing yesterday afternoon and by the time we got home I was tired, so we had salad instead.  Today... today I will make pizza.

Despite having assured us that we would have a week with no rain, we got rain yesterday morning and last night and this morning.  Thanks, weatherpeople.  Bleh.

Paranormal Suspense ought to be a genre category we can use on Amazon.  I just read a really neat one that makes me want to write one.

I got a jury information thingie in the mail.  I have ten days to fill it out and return it or they will... wait for it... make me come in to fill it out.  I expected like a much harsher punishment for ignoring my jury thing - contempt of court or something.  Anyway, once I fill it out, I'll be in the jury pool for the next six months.  This is like the fourth time I've been in the jury pool in six years.  I got picked once, but they cancelled the trial.  We'll see what happens this time.

We saw the first fawn of the year.  Not well enough to get a picture, but we saw it.  We saw mom in the woods and then Hubs thought he saw something smaller and brown near her.  Then when she walked off, we both saw the fawn scrambling to catch up.  So cute!

Okay, that's it for me today.  What's on your this n that radar today?


  1. They'd probably send a deputy out to pick you up and drive you to the courthouse to fill out the paperwork. You could end up on an episode of Live PD. *gigglesnort*

    Yay for fawns!

    I can't believe the weather. This is JUNE! It should be in the 90s with high humidity. Despite the rain, it's cool (70s) and humidity under 40%. I wish I could work on the laptop and had a table outside. I'd sit out in the cool and work.

    LG went after a girl walking her yappy dog yesterday. He grabbed Jake (the most mellow dog in the entire world) and took him outside to look ferocious. The reason? The feral cats had gathered beneath the wild grapefine and wisteria to wait for dinner. The girl was encouraging her yappy mutt to chase them. LG wanted to know why she thought it was okay to come onto our property to let her dog do that, and why letting her dog do that was okay. He finished up with, "Maybe next time, I'll let my dog chase yours so he understands what it feels like." She shot him the finger and took off. I'll be watching for her. LG is nice compared to me. Grrrr

    I'm getting words written. Too slowly, but words. I have two weeks, might be able to get another two weeks. I'm not even half-way done yet. *sigh*

    I use "Paranormal Suspense" as a keyword on Amazon because it IS a thing as far as I'm concerned.

    Okay. Fresh coffee and then new words. Or else...

    Later, gator.

  2. Yay for fawns, but boo to jury duty. Unless it inspires you to write a new suspense...

    A political thriller / dystopian sounds interesting!

    I'm too young (sorta) to feel this tired all the time. Though it might help to get to bed earlier. I'll work on it.