Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday This n That

Mother's Day is two weeks from Sunday.  Gah.  Gotta get cards so I can mail cards so the cards have time to reach their destinations.  Gah.

It's also like three weeks to my birthday.  No Gah there.  It is what it is.  There will be no cake, no prezzies, etc.  I'll get a card from my mom and one from his mom.  Hubs will tell me 'Happy Birthday' and give me a hug/smoochie combo.  And it will be good. 

Speaking of birthdays, I have to go get my driver's license and tags renewed.  What a pain in the butt.  This time, because reasons, I'll have to bring several forms of ID to get my O-fficial 'federally recognized' license.  Bleh.  Like somehow those can't be faked.  :shrug:  Oh, well, at least it'll be a pretty drive up there.

Today, I have to go get cigarettes. In the rain.  Derp.  Poor planning on my part.  On the upside, the pharmacy near the smoke shop carries greeting cards.  Barring that, the dollar store is just up the highway from there.  Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.

I just had an idea for how to keep my peonies from falling over when it rains - stakes and yarn.  We have a boatload of both.  Yay.  And now that I've written the idea down here, I might not forget it.  ;o)

Finally installed my new mouse.  The roller thingie on the old one was going bad.  The new one is slightly bigger - even though it's the same make - and it's weird in my hand, but I'll get used to it.  Still haven't painted new letters on my keyboard, though.  Umm, yah.

Out at the lake a few days ago, we saw a couple ospreys circling each other and one of them had a fish in its claws.  I think he was trying to present her with a prezzie.  She wasn't having any of it.  Later, he left and she started calling - whether for him or in joy because he was gone, I don't know.  It was pretty cool.

Well, I think I've yattered on enough this morning.  Got anything to yatter back at me?


  1. Replies
    1. I've thought about tomato cages - usually when the peonies are already too huge to tame into one - but right now, there's no money in the budget for those. I'm making my own. You know, as soon as it stops raining. LOL

  2. Wallyworld has/had plant stakes that hove a "hook" on the top that you can hook around the stem. That's what I use. And that peony that I said was nowhere to be seen? Over 3' tall with multiple buds. We shall see if the buds actualy bloom.

    I fear the two small kittens are...gone. The muckledy and the gray. Haven't seen them. The black kitten is too cute and I want him but he runs away if I even look out the curtains. :/

    Speaking of cats, Deeders has turned into a lapcat. Majorly. Hard to work around her. I miss the days when she only blocked the monitor. Now she's keeping me away from the keyboard because with her in my lap, I can't get close enough to my desk to type. :/

    The sun is shining and it's gorgeous outside. I'd move outside to work but then the dogs would bug me and I still wouldn't get anything done. LOL

    I made oatmeal cookies--stevia rather than sugar though they do have some brown sugar in them, and they were like drop cookies. Still soft so I think I'll keep the recipe for LG for when I can't get the sugar-free at Wallyworld.

    New words. I've written some. Different project so no great progress but...WORDS!

    Nothing cool going on. S'all good anyway.