Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday This n That

Yesterday's post was caused by a combination of the end of a week-long sale that had few sales and basic frustration.  I'd say 'it'll pass', but I'm not sure it will or that it even ought to.

I got a call yesterday from a 'Babette Hosier'.  Caller ID can be fun.  Definitely a change from "Unknown Caller" and "Not Provided".

Speaking of which, what the hell is it with all the freakin' spam calls?  I mean, we're pretty sure it's because Hubs will be eligible for Medicare later this year and it's a rolling stampede of morons trying to get him to sign up for their super-special supplementary insurance plan.  Lemme tell ya something - we will never sign up for anything that comes through telemarketing.  As if.  Duh.

We're also being inundated with wasps this year.  Oh, holy crap.  They like to get into the smoking porch - which is totally enclosed and has screens on the windows and junk.  Too bad for them, the smoking porch is lined with nicotine-impregnated cedar.  If we don't kill them with a flyswatter, the ambience will.  Heh.  Otherwise, they're just all over the freakin' place outside.  Walk around the yard at your own risk, lemme tell ya.

The other day we were casually watching game shows when there came a knock on the door.  Which was really weird because we didn't hear a car.  Peeked outside and there's a woman standing on our porch.  A pregnant woman.  Hubs opens the door and she starts asking if we've seen her little dog.  We have no clue who this person or her dog is.  Hubs asks what kind of dog and she says 'min-pin'.  "Excuse me?" he says.  "Min-pin?" Time for me to step in because she was kind of looking at him like he was nuts because he didn't know what a min-pin was.  "You mean a miniature pinscher?"  "Oh.  Yes."  Apparently it was fat little min-pin and she found it.  I saw her walking home with it about 5 minutes after she stopped here.  Nice to meet the new neighbors. At least now if we see him again, we know his name and where he belongs.

According to the fishing dudes around here, we're at the spawn.  This is the time when the fish are making baby fish - she's laying down eggs and he's milting all over them.  It's a good time to catch fish, but not a good time to keep fish.  And I want to keep them so I can eat them.  Right now, I sadly let even the keepers go, so they can make more fish.  The rest of the year they won't be so lucky.  And neither will I in catching them.  =o\

What's on your this n that radar today?

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  1. Yeah, so much for the No-Call List. Spam reigns. And now they've cloned my home number, to call my home number. WTF? Like I'm actually going to answer that call?

    I'm finally over--mostly--my spring cold from hell. I'm way behind because I was all but bed-ridden since Saturday night. Still not feeling particularly social.

    Almost 90 yesterday. Barely going to hit mid-50s today. At least the blizzard bomb thingy is to our north.

    My peonies probably won't be around this year. None have come up. The bluebells are blooming, though, and the wisteria, though I figure with the freeze/frost predicted for tonight, thye'll be gone ASAP.

    My Cards came back big time against the Dodgers. So...yay.

    I have to go to the grocery store today. I'm not excited.

    The only other thing on my radar is I finally caught up on the last two seasons of GoT. Well, almost. I have one episode--last season's finale--to watch before the new season starts in a week or so.

    And...that's all that's blipped my radar. Oh, and ditto on yesterday's post. I feel ya. Big time!