Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 14

Well, that was another week.  The first week of April.  Woohoo.

I'm back to editing again.  Last time I checked I was at 42% on the Kindle read-through / note-making phase.  Which means next up is learning whether the middle is as bad as I remember it.  Middles... Ugh.

This is the middle of a sale again, so I've been doing a lot of marketing.  Not a lot of selling, but I keep trying.

The reading went well this week.  Two books I seriously enjoyed and one dud. I'm enjoying the book I'm on now.  I thought it was MG - the MC is 13 - but it's a little grisly for MG.  :shrug:

On the activity front, I did something 6 out of 7 days - walking, fishing, cleaning,  I haven't started back on any actual exercise routine.  Maybe next week.  We'll see. Let's not talk about weight, k?

Spent a bit of time on the pay-job this past week.  Which is good as long as the mail service keeps bringing me my paychecks.  They lost one a couple weeks ago.  They cut me a replacement one, but I wonder how the postal people would like it if one of their checks got lost for two weeks.  Hmm.

In wildlife news, the deer are starting to show their pregnancies.  I counted six pregnant out of eight in the yard the other day.  And that's not even all the does we have.  I can't wait for the babies to arrive.

I spent a lot of yesterday morning working on the garden beds.  Ugh, there were a lot of weeds and a lot more to go.  And moles.  Ugh.  Time to pepper the gardens again, so I went to Amazon to see how much pepper I could get at one go and what it would cost me.  They have a 5lb container of black pepper for about $30, which is cool. BUT they also had a 6lb container of cayenne for about $28, which is even cooler.  Then I googled to see what spice works best to deter moles.  Yep, cayenne is better than black.  BUT coffee grounds apparently deter moles, too.  I have tons of coffee grounds readily available - I mean, once I start saving the used stuff instead of throwing it away.  Cha-ching.

Yesterday also saw me making homemade pizza again.  Hey, it's healthier than store bought.  (Not by much, but I'll take what I can get.) 

What happened in your Week 14? 

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  1. Yay for the deer, boo to the moles!

    I'm falling into the dumps, but still waddling along in the dressmaking book. Do tell me the end is in sight. ???

    I suspect my problem is just the changing weather, though.