Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Little Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order...

- Hubs
- A new tube of toothpaste.
- A new mouse.
- When my hair looks good.
- The arrival of the mailman (even better if he's brought a check and no bills)
- Thursday morning trash pickup
- My bird-a-day calendar
- Flowers all around the yard - ones I've planted and wild ones.  Even dandelions.
- Seeing a hawk in our woods
- The call of a kingfisher
- Baby bunnies
- Puppies
- Kitties
- Learning one of my favorite animals at the pet refuge got adopted
- Finding really awesome used books at the thrift store
- Finding food I really like on sale
- Peanut butter on chocolate ice cream
- Selling books
- Buying books
- A new review
- Learning one of my reviews made the author's day
- A freshly washed floor (even if I hate washing floors)
- Baked goods
- Homemade pizza
- Finding a really good song on the radio
- Singing along
- When the eagles arrive in the fall
- Spring
- When Hubs and I are making each other laugh
- Good friends
- A nice day at the lake when the fish are biting
- Long walks in the countryside
- Helping and chatting with old people at the Wallyworld.
- A newly-mown lawn

So no matter how crappy things can be every now and again, I have plenty of things that can and do make me happy.  Some days are better than others.  Today is a good day.  Hell, every day you wake up is a good day.  =oD

What are some things that make you happy?

1 comment:

  1. Listening to the rain falling when I don't have to get out of bed.

    A warm, fuzzy dog asleep on my cold feet.

    The scent of bacon frying.

    Sunrises and sunsets.

    Full moons.

    Honeysuckle blooming. And morning glories.

    Getting lost in a good book--reading OR writing.

    Puppies and kittens.

    A purring Deeders.

    Hugs from Stormageddon.

    Family. Mostly. Usually. Sometimes. *looks shifty-eyed*

    And on that note, I'll quit while I'm ahead. LOLOL