Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday This n That

Yesterday afternoon, I got a wild hair and made cake from scratch.  And then last night, I made frosting from scratch.  Unfortunately, the frosting kind of took on a mind of its own and I probably have enough leftover to frost an entire other cake.  No, I did not do this for Easter dessert.  I did it because I wanted cake.  The cake turned out a little dense, but the frosting is to die for.

Speaking of Easter, I didn't even think about it until I realized earlier this week that it is, in fact THIS SUNDAY.  So, I asked Hubs what he wanted to do about dinner and he shrugged.  And then I shrugged.  Guess I don't have to panic then, huh?  We're not doing anything.  We pretty much deleted ham from the diet.  We stopped eating holiday candy.  I've been making all sorts of yummy things, so making something yummy Sunday wouldn't be super-special.  Meh.  Easter was more fun when the Kid was still living at home.  And I could gorge myself on Robin's Eggs.

I think Ms. Packrat is gone for good.  :knocks on wood:  Here's what I used: about 60 drops of peppermint essential oil and probably about that much of clove essential oil with lavender and cedarwood in a 32 oz spray bottle with about 16 oz of water.  (The peppermint said 20 drops per 5oz of water.)  Screwed the nozzle back and shook the hell out of it.  Sprayed liberally all over inside my engine compartment, paying special attention to the underside of the hood and the specific places the rat was nesting.  I do this every evening around sunset - which is when she starts getting active.  Fingers crossed it keeps working.  We're going to try an experiment and stop after a week.  See if she comes back.  If she does, back to spraying every day.  If not, every few days until we're pretty sure she's not coming back. 

I'm hoping the spray also keeps the deer from eating my lilies.  Wouldn't that be lovely?  Couldn't hurt, eh?

Also, I read somewhere that moles don't like coffee, so I bought some cheap coffee grounds and sprinkled them all over my gardens.  Time will tell if it works.

Saw my first hummingbird of the year.  I put the feeder out and the next day, a hummer.  Yay!

Okay, that's probably enough out of me.  What's up with you?


  1. Crossing fingers on your packrat and hope your concoction saves the lilies too. Coffee is good for the soul. ;) Easter. Yeah. We're going to the in-laws. I'm doing rolls and maybe a Key Lime pie. It's sort of a last minute thing. We normally don't do much either. Okay, my this-n-thats...

    My big peony plant (the one that actually blooms some years) that was MIA? It sprung up and is now almost 3 feet tall with buds.

    I need to clean my hummingbird feeder and restock. My hummers are sort of hit-n-miss on their arrival but usually coincides with the honeysuckle blooming which isn't happening yet. Still, I'll go out here in a bit and fix it up.

    I haven't seen two of the kittens lately. Doesn't mean something happened to them, just that I haven't been looking out the window when they arrive. I have seen the bold black kitten that's the biggest of the bunch. He's...pushy. LOL I'd still adopt all of them if I could catch them. Ah well. I also want the two Balanese cats that come. They are gorgeous.

    Crap. I forgot. This Saturday is the 3rd Saturday of the month. OKRWA meeting. *makes note to remind LG*

    I'm waiting on a hold at the library to drop. Having to read a book series in order can be a real pain. I have the next book already checked out but I know there's stuff in the book I'm waiting for that applies to the next book and some events in the next book won't make sense if I haven't read the book I'm waiting on. Stupid Catch 22. And I can't decide if it's smart on the author's part or if she loses new readers (since the majority of the series is written). Ah well.

    And...that's about it for me. Have a great day.

  2. LOL! Your frosting sounds like my writing process. I start out with a plan...

    I need to try your peppermint spray just as a preventative.

    Hey, coffee grounds are great fertilizer, and are supposed to discourage mosquitoes, too.

    Today was dad-sitting day, and Mom taped Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Fun movie, though it would have been better if they hadn't cut the heck out of it. And if I could have understood Newt's dialog. I don't hear well enough to understand mumbled British accents. But he often repeated himself, so all was good. :-)

  3. Wouldn't spent coffee grounds also work on moles?

    I haven't checked, but Starbucks is supposed to give free bags of used coffee grounds.