Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Soft Launch and Other Blinky Things

Well, Blink went live yesterday.  (Read more and find buy links here.)  And it was what they call a 'soft launch'.  So soft, I don't think I could've disturbed crickets out there.  Launched amidst a boatload of distractions (you don't want to know and I don't want to talk about it), it was just set adrift on the currents yesterday and floated into the sea of other books for sale at Amazon.

This morning, I'm trying to catch up.  Do a little advertising on FB, etc.  Post some stuff to groups and junk.  Find new groups to post to because Blink isn't like anything I've already published.  I mean, it is in a way.  I wrote it, so it's got suspense and mystery and a little romance in there.  I can't not write stuff with those elements.  But it's also got... :drops to a whisper:... ideas.

I was reading the book description to Hubs this morning and gave myself shivers.  Idea shivers, not scary shivers.  Hooked Hubs, too, so it's all good. 

Trust me, though, I've tried really hard to weave the ideas in and not beat you over the head with them.  I hate message-y books that club readers to death with their message.  I aimed for creating an interesting and enthralling story that might also make readers think a little.  If it makes them think a lot, awesome.  If it doesn't make them think at all, but they just enjoy the story, that's great, too.

It's a pretty large book.  It topped out at 101K words pre-formatting.  Amazon is saying the KU page count is 478.  I think it moves along at a pretty good pace, though, so it shouldn't take forever to read.  Time will tell what readers think.

Anyway, like I said, I haven't done much to promote this book yet, so I'm not expecting gangbuster sales any time soon.  As always, though, there's hope. 

Now, I can take a break.  Not a huge one, since Early Grave is supposed to back from the editor next week, but a break nonetheless.  Maybe I'll finally finish reading a book this year. 


  1. I shared your link yesterday on FB. I have it on the Kindle but didn't get it started last night. I'll try to get some pages read today/tonight. Do you have a short tag line that sums up those ideas? I'll tweet the heck out of it if you do. :)

    1. Thank you!! The only tagline I have is "In the blink of an I, the whole world can fall apart."