Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Football Season is Over. Yay!

Yep, the season is over and I'm celebrating.  I told myself last summer sometime that I would not be watching football this season, not a single game - pro or college - and I did it. 

Sure, the kneeling crap was part of the reason, but I've had a tough time rationalizing watching football for a while now.  Between the criminals who get off with slaps to the wrist and then continue to be celebrated as 'heroes' and the bad behavior and the bad officiating and the increasingly asinine adjustment to the rules...  :harrumph:

Like I said before, it's like drinking.  I was a big fan of drinking, but now that I've stopped I can't understand why I ever thought it was fun.  Football meant sitting home on Saturdays and Sundays watching an endless stream of game after game.  Adjusting my schedule around when my favorite teams were playing.  'Want to go fishing?  Can't, the Michigan game is on or will be on or whatever.'  'Better get that writing done during the day because the Packers are playing tonight.' 

Football also meant getting wrapped up in the drama.  The highs, the lows, the shouting at the TV.  Ohio State beats Michigan and I'm bummed.  The Packers beat the Bears and I'm elated.  Why?  I have no skin in the game.  Whether anyone wins or loses doesn't make a damn bit of difference to my life.  :shrug:  

Now, sure, college football isn't as wrapped up in the political crap or so much of the criminal crap, but the universities are so totally into the political crap it makes me want to barf, and they're churning out the pro-players who turn into criminals.  Done with that, too.  I'm not spending any more of my time on them either.

I have half a mind to get rid of all my football related clothing, but that would leave me with one sweatshirt.  One sweatshirt that doesn't have a logo on it.  So, I'll just keep the ones I have and pet them nicely, remembering what football used to be before all the BS started.

So, yeah, like an alcoholic who's been dry for a year, I'm celebrating.  Football season is over and I won.  Next year will be totally easier to ignore. 

Now, on to baseball!  And golf.  No issues there. Not yet anyway.  And if issues come up, well, I know now I can quit them cold turkey, too.  (But don't get me started on Tiger Woods.  Ugh.)


  1. Pitchers and catchers report in: http://www.springtrainingcountdown.com/#sthash.R9HoqYRR.dpbs

    Not that I'm counting or anything. LOL

    I gave up on the NFL, not that I was even partially invested anyway. College ball is a different horse. So far the REAL OSU and OU have stayed out of the political fray and when their players screw up, coaches and university come down hard on them. Even so, I don't plot my weekends around them. I have an app for that--checking the score. I don't have to watch the game. :)

    Glad you like golf. Not me. It's like tennis--bores me to tears. But spring training is coming on my birthday! Or close enough for horseshoes. ;)

    1. LOL, yep, baseball is a comin'.

      Yeah, I haven't heard anything about OSU or OU having piss-poor policies like U of M. Or their former players getting in trouble with the law. Yay for you!

      Golf isn't for everyone. Then again, I don't get hockey like some people do or basketball. Meh. Yay for spring training on your birthday! =O)