Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 7

Ugh, what a week. 

Some stuff happened.  It derailed my schedule and I'm left with working long hours to meet my publishing deadline.  Life does intrude when we least expect it, eh?  Anyway, it'll still get done.  I'm just about finished with that polishing I was supposed to finish on Friday.  Only the Epilogue left.  When I can't look at it anymore, I've begun the final proof.  I'm two chapters in on that.  Polishing the end and proofing the beginning.  Burning the manuscript from both ends, so to speak.  I'm really liking how it's turning out, though.

I didn't read anything but Blink of an I this past week.  Oh, wait, I started a book on the Kindle while I was waiting for something else, but I couldn't keep my mind on it.  I don't remember the title.  Something YA and magical.

After nearly five years of living here, I finally visited Branson this week.  :shrug:  It's a city like any other city of its size, I guess.  I was tied up with stuffs, so I didn't take in any shows or anything.  It was interesting driving on a kinda-sorta freeway again.  The last time was my trip to Michigan, so about 4 years ago.  LOL, hard to believe the former road warrior doesn't drive distances or freeways anymore.  I like to putter now.

I went fishing once, with Hubs, but we didn't catch anything.  We didn't even get any bites.  It was just nice to be out at the lake again with my sweetie-pie.

Hubs and I went for a wander in the woods.  No woods work.  Just walking the trails and looking at interesting things. 

Oh, and we have a particularly fat opossum hanging around the yard again.  I think she's cool and I'm going to name her Petunia.  Actually, now that I think about it, she's probably not fat.  She's probably preggers.  Petunia and her future brood of little 'possums.  Cool.  (Of course, she could be a fat he.  I'm not lifting its tail to find out.)

And that's it for me this week.  What's it for you?


  1. There was a week. Not much happened. I got some new words written. I stared at the screen a lot. I got some sorting/decluttering done. In a pinch, I could drag the gazelle out a little and get on it with room to make it go. Spring training games start this Friday!

    Books aren't my friends at the moment--at least new-to-me books/authors. I gave up and went the chicken soup route. Yay for NAKED IN DEATH. I can always count on it.

    I cleaned out the dog pools. They should be good for the next spate of bad weather. Clean bottoms, clean water, and not too full in case we get rain. We got about 1/2 an inch Friday night late. In desperate need so all is good.

    And...that's it. I should try for more words. I'm bored. I want a nap.... *wanders off looking for more coffee*

  2. Yay for preggers possums! Double yay to woodsy wanders!!
    Boo to stuff that throws off the schedule.

    I think I wrote all of three sentences in DWL. Ick. All I need is a transition and I can start the ALL IS LOST chapter. Hmm. That might be why I'm stuck.

    But I got around 10 pages done in the dressmaking book. Yay! Now I need to clean up around 40 illustrations (at half to one hour each, I'm afraid to count) before I start 1865. Only five years to go.

    Sheesh. No wonder I just want to crawl back into bed. ;-)