Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday This n That

Since the recent announcement that FB would be changing their stuff so it shows more actual personal interaction type stuff and less marketing stuff, my newsfeed is filled with... :drumroll: book marketing stuff.  I'm still not seeing the people I have actual relationships with.  I have heard people who are waving their arms that FB is going to be killing our marketing opportunities, though.  Like I said, more book selling stuff has been in my newsfeed than ever before.  Just anecdotal evidence, but that's where I'm at.  :shrug:  To see the stuff I want to see, I resorted to making a folder of bookmarks to the actual FB pages I want to read that I fear FB might hide from me.  Paranoid?  Probably, but being paranoid has worked for me for years, so I'm sticking with it.  ;o)

I'm up to page 170 as of this morning.  347 pages total.  If I do 59 pages a day, I'll be done with this part by Friday.  Then I'm going to proofread it again, because I'm afraid I might've put some errors in while I was cleaning up errors.  We're still go for launch on the 21st.

We've been seeing one half-rack buck lately with a white face.  It's kind of creepy.  There's also a doe with white legs.  Not as creepy. 

While I was excited to see Shawn White win a gold, I was a bit ticked off by his treatment of the flag afterwards.  We both were.  When did the flag become a fashion accessory to be draped over one's shoulders or, if not draped, dragged along on the ground like a forgotten scarf or Linus' blanket?  White was excited, I get that.  But come on.  It's the freakin' flag.  I would hope he would at least do what is supposed to be done to a flag that has touched the ground or been otherwise sullied - burn it.  But I suspect he won't.  Burning flags has become such a hot-button thing that I would guess people will freak out if it happens when it's actually supposed to happen.  Next time, Shawn?  Tell the person handing you the flag to hold onto it for later, when you're calm enough to treat it with the respect it deserves.

And while I'm on a roll, let's all remember that, despite what the media might want you to believe, North Korea sucks.  It's a dictatorship and its people are horribly oppressed.  The guy who runs it is a whackadoodle and his sister is not a princess, she's a evil witch.


The little birdies are enjoying the brush piles we've created on our land.  They're awesome hiding spots where few predators will be able to snatch them up for a quick meal.  The squirrels are also utilizing them as jungle gyms and lookout posts. 

And now, I have pages to edits and miles to go before I nap.  Have an awesome day everyone and drop a line about what's on your this n that radar, if you like.  =o)

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  1. I'm finally getting around to blogs. I have no idea where the morning went. *rubs chin ... looks from side-to-side ... purses lips ... shrugs*

    Not watching the Olympics but heard about the flag thing.

    Not paying attention to FB except on my author page. I suppose I should but...meh. The politics are still irritating. Which is what I get. I'd almost prefer the marketing crap.

    Weird critters. I've had crows. Big, honking crows. And robins. A flock of robins hit the birdbath outside the office window yesterday.

    Words. They're coming. Slowly, not very surely, but they're coming. I keep moving my finish date. Not gonna be tomorrow as I'd hoped. Ah well.

    It's hot. I need to put on a tank instead of my long-sleeved tee. Tomorrow is going to be cold. Not wonder I'm still coughing.

    And that's pretty much what's blipping my radar at the moment. Cheers.