Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday Fishing Report - 2/3/18

Hey All.  This isn't really a fishing report because I haven't been fishing in a couple weeks now.  The weather's been weird - cold cold and then unseasonably warm and then windy as all get out.  And I don't feel like standing on the shore catching nothing for hours at a time. 

Plus I'm pretty sure the worms I bought back in December are dead.  I need to feed them to the rosebed.  That's where I put all my leftover worm dirt anyway.  $3 down the drain, but what's a gal to do.  Expensive fertilizer. 

Before I go fishing again, I need to either switch my Abu spincaster reel to my other pole or get the superglue out and fix the pole it's currently attached to.  The top eyelet is loose.  It kept coming off when I'd cast.  We temp fixed it with electrical tape, but the line keeps getting hung up on the edge of the tape, which is annoying.  I've been meaning to address the problem for months/  I even bought the superglue, but bleh.  Of course, my Abu baitcaster is on the other pole and it's kind of color coordinated there - maroon/black reel, maroon pole.  Decisions, decisions.

That's it for me this week, I guess.  We'll see what the next week brings.  And even though I haven't been fishing, I have spent a lot of time outdoors.  Give that a shot, if you get a chance.


  1. The next time your caught with too many worms and not enough fishing days, you can keep them alive with very little effort.

    Get a little plastic tote, the size of a shoe box. (I'm assuming it's just a handful of worms.) Drill a few holes at the bottom of the box for drainage. You'll need to place it on a tray or another box to allow it to drain. It won't be much liquid.

    Layer 2-3 inches with compost or dirt and shredded paper. Lightly water the paper until its wet but not sopping.

    Drop in your worms and feed them vegetable scraps. It should keep them alive until the next time you go fishing.

    You can keep it indoors. It won't smell.

  2. Mother Nature isn't playing very nice at the moment. I'm hoping Spring will mellow her out. :/

    I haven't done much of anything--indoors or out. I did a spurt of cleaning to get ready for the tech guys coming to install the fiber optic line and switch modems, etc. I've stared at my WIP and whimpered. I've put on weight, and whimpered. I even got outside and cleaned the dog pools.

    And speaking of whimper time, this dang book ain't gonna write itself. I need to put on my big writer panties and just get it done. Ta!