Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday This n That

I still hate my new keyboard.  The backspace key is too small and too close to the home key, so I keep hitting the home key by mistake and erasing things I don't want erased.  Also the capslock key is too close to the A, so I keep turning that sucker on aND IT ENDS UP LIKE THIS.  Derp.  I don't hate it enough to buy a new keyboard, though.  The miser in me beats the writer in me every time.

I made chicken thigh sandwiches the other night.  Cooked the boneless, skinless thighs in the Foreman, then slapped 'em on buns with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo.  Yummers.

Kira gets fed at 6am.  She thinks she gets fed approximately 1 hour after we wake up, so if we get up early, she begins meowing at us about 30 minutes afterwards in anticipation of being fed.  Actually, she begins meowing at us about 30 minutes after we get up, regardless of when we get up...  This morning, she did the meowing thing, we did the ignoring thing.  We hear her slurping and Hubs thinks she's trying to eat the last of last night's food and feels bad for her.  I go into the kitchen and see she isn't, in fact, eating her leftovers but is instead picking tufts of hair out and spitting them on the floor in protest of being ignored.  :facepalm:

I pulled a muscle in my back this morning... putting on my fleecy top.  Aging sucks.

I only have 119 pages left to edit on this pass through. (It's about 350 pages total.)  After bitching like a whiny baby, I hit a stride.  Sometimes that happens. 

The Olympics start today, I think.  I remember seeing something about February 8th.  (I'm too lazy to go check right now, so if I'm wrong, oops.)  I usually get really jazzed about the Olympics, but I'm kinda meh this time.  Maybe it's because athletes in general have irritated me lately.  Maybe it's because it's in another meh locale.  :shrug:

Okay, as my father used to say, enough of this falderol and ballyhoo.  Have an awesome day out there today, folks.  Tomorrow, check in at Outside the Box for a blurb reveal.  I'm off to have more coffee and plan my next editing attack.


  1. I'm with you on hating my new keyboard. The insert key is right next to the backspace key. It randomly puts capital letters in the MIDDLE of the word. But I'm too cheap to get a different one.

    LOL re: Kira! Churchill sits and stares at his 'empty' bowl if he can see the glass at the bottom - even if it is otherwise half full.

    Hooray for edits!!!

    I think the Olympics officially start tomorrow, but they're already holding events. We won the first one - mixed doubles curling. Whatever that is. :-D

    Looking forward to reading your blurb!

  2. I started to return my new keyboard when I decided to measure all the keyboards available at the store. They are a fraction of an inch smaller than our old ones. I guess they're making this the new industry standard. I've had mine for six months now and I still slip into my old spaces.

    Now I wish I had kept some of my old keyboards.

    I do plan to look for older keyboards at garage sales this year, to keep as a backup.

  3. If my old split ergo keyboard fails, I will cry.

    Adidas gets on the bed and sits next to my head and pats my face until I get up. And I darn sure better feed her before I start the coffee. Sometimes, Cooper beats her to the wake-up call. When a 150-lb dog pats the bed to get your attention, you know it! LOL

    Writing yesterday and today has tanked. I'm not sure what's up with my head. I keep getting distracted over stupid stuff.

    LIVE PD is a repeat this weekend. This makes me have a sad. And yes, opening ceremonies are tonight. I don't really care about the winter Olympics. Or the summer ones, for that matter. Meh.

    I made the Monte Cristo bake I had on my website last Tuesday for dinner last night for the first time. It was pretty darn tasty. LG had two helpings and told me I could make it again. LOL

    And that's it for me. I have a writing prompt challenge staring at me from the other window. I need to finish it so I can claim at least 250 words written today. LOL

    Chow! Or Ciao, as the case may be.