Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 5

Five weeks in, people.  How are those resolutions coming along?

But enough about that.  Let's get to the weekly update...

I got the editing pass done on Early Grave and sent it off to the AWE.  She sent me back Blink of an I.  (Not in that order.)  And I did get started on the final editing stuffs for Blink, really I did.  I just didn't make much progress.  To tell you the truth, this book still scares me.  I will shake it off and finish this for publication on or around the 21st as promised, though.  Probably with a mad flurry of work at the end there, if I don't get off my dead ass.

In reading news, I'm still making progress on Shogun.  As I said, big book, tiny-tiny font.  I'm approaching 500 pages, though, so that's something.  It is a really interesting and enjoyable read, which is why I'm committed to finishing it. I have about ten books waiting on my Kindle for when I ever do.  This is the first year I can remember where I haven't read an entire book before Feb 1st.  :gasp:  I think maybe a goal of 70 books was thinking too big this year.  We'll see.

I spent about 3 hours doing our taxes yesterday.  Off they went and that's done for another year. 

No fishing.  Although I am hearing tales of people catching fish out there.

Got my shot Wednesday, so I'm good for not being a psycho for another 3 months.  (Well, not any more psycho than usual. LOL)

Our woods project is nearing the end.  Unless we get a wild hair and decide to go beyond the set target area.  I'm not jazzed about tackling the steeper part of the hill, though.  This is another 'we'll see'.  The two log piles we've created look like beaver dams.  Or funeral pyres.  I joked with Hubs that if I die, I want him to throw my body on one and light it.  Like Darth Vadar.  Or a Viking funeral on dry land.

And on that note, I'll let you get back to your day.  How'd your last week go?


  1. This week was rather...blah. Beyond finally dumping our long-time cable company and switching to a fiber-optic alternative with a different company. We're happy so far. A little getting used to but all good.

    I got some new words. Not many. I really need to get to work. Sadly, as I sit here in my office, I'm looking into corners and thinking, "If I cleared the stacks out, I could move that table--after clearing the stacks on and under it and then I could get to the bottom selves of that big wire bookcase in that corner over there and I could move the gazelle so I could get to that bookcase and gosh, I could actually use the gazelle and get some exercise and...and...

    And I can't decide if I'm that desperate to not write or if I'd actually exercise if I rearranged things. LOL

    Other than that, it's pretty much the same ol' same ol'. Now I'm getting off the webz and getting more words written. I've only managed about 300. I need 3000.

    First, more coffee...

  2. I've decided Shogun counts as ten books!

    Still hoping for woodsy photos, maybe in the spring. :-)

    Yay for AWE, Blink, and Early Grave! Though if you're scared of Blink, I might have to read it under the covers with a flashlight.

    Still poking along on DWL, and I mean poking. I got more done on the dressmaking book, but that isn't saying much. I've had the blahs for a few weeks. Maybe coffee would help? ;-)