Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday This n That

My computer's starting to make weird noises when I have certain web pages open.  Not sure what that's all about.  Too much of a load, I guess.  :shrug:

We had a new group of dark colored deer show up in the yard a couple days ago.  They all appear to have shed their summer coats already and the fawn traveling with them has no spots.  =oO

In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago I had a run-in with the park host wherein he went all Barney Fife on me.  I have since learned that other locals have also had run-ins with that particular park host.  And I also learned he is being moved out of this park to another park for the remainder of the season.  The move was supposed to be yesterday, so we'll see.  He really needs to find somewhere more suited to his personality.  We're way laid back here and I don't think he had the temperament.

Yesterday when Hubs and I were finishing weeding, he called me over to where he was working to look at a snake.  It was a little bitty baby snake.  He wasn't sure if it was an earthworm snake or something else.  I almost picked it up... and then I noticed the shape of its head.  And then I saw the pattern in its skin.  So I grabbed a stick and waved it in front of the little snake's face.  It made like it was going to strike and hissed and junk.  Baby rattler.  Too small to have a rattle yet - maybe four or five inches.  I've settled on baby pygmy rattler based on size and pattern.  Timber rattler babies are bigger. 

I also saw a baby five-lined skink (they're so cute!), a big toad, and a large wolf spider. 

In case you were wondering, I really do love nature.

What this n that do you have for me today?


  1. Holy crap! What did you do with the snake??!?!?!!! This and That, Animal Planet version.

    We have a small skunk hanging around. He has a white spot on his head, that's all. And luckily, he hasn't figured out that he needs to turn around to spray the dogs. Still, I did an overnight Prime order for skunk spray.

    Last night, the baby possum was up in one of the big trees in the backyard. The dogs were sniffing around its base. I shined a flashlight around, saw two eyes glowing back at me. The thing was on the very end of an all-but-dead limb that hands over my house. I hoping the thing climbed down, rather than jumping on the house.

    There's a big coon in the neighborhood. He ate all my across-the-street neighbor's koi. LG encountered him in our yard the other night. They had a face down. I'm not sure but I think LG lost.

    One of the neighborhood ferals got hurt--probably by the coon. The across-the-street neighbor had been working on getting Pye-Racket (he was noisy/talkative and had a raspy voice) to eat in a cat carrier so she could vet him before releasing him back. With the wound that vetting became imperative so she managed to coax him in and took him to her vet. Turns out he also had feline AIDS. She called me and we agreed to let him go. He would have had a long, slow, hard death. Still, I'll miss him.

    We've had two hawks hanging around--one almost pure white, which is so totally rare! The other appears to be a yearling redtail but might be a Cooper's. The yearling was sitting on the back fence the other afternoon but by the time I got my phone to take a picture, he'd flown off. I saw him yesterday when he swooped across the driveway, over the next-door yard, across the street, and into a tree over there.

    Yeah, I kinda love nature too.

    1. The snake is safely out of the way in the rock pile.

      Eek for the skunk. Maybe you can find someone to relocate him. And the raccoon.

      I'm so sorry for your loss of Pye-Racket. :hugs:

      Yay for your awesome hawk sighting!

  2. Yay for the deer (as long as they stay out of your garden) and for the baby skunk and possum! I think most babies are cute - except for baby rattlesnakes. BIG exception there.

    Silver: Poor Pye-Racket. Rest in peace. A white hawk is so cool!

    Have you heard anything about Mr. Slasher lately?

    1. The deer leave my gardens alone for the most part - due to mainly planting 'deer resistant' plants. They do occasionally walk through my one bed because it's in the middle of the yard, but since I moved the irises, they don't destroy anything. (They liked to play with the irises by tugging them out of the ground and throwing them.)

      Mr. Slasher was captured a couple days ago. Still in the area, about 5 miles north of where he'd last been spotted. I hope they put him away for a long time.