Friday, August 11, 2017

This n That... On a Friday

I totally brainfarted out this week.  I didn't post blogs.  I didn't comment on blogs I usually comment on.  I'm not sure exactly what happened there.  I could throw out a lot of excuses, but none of them are true.  :shrug:

When I was fishing yesterday, I startled a great blue heron and then a green heron, but as I got closer to where I wanted to fish I noticed a bird that wasn't really interested in flying away.  It just stood there with its neck stretched up, kind of swaying.  I thought it was a bittern.  I've never actually been in close proximity to a bittern before, so I wasn't sure.  Oh, it was a bittern, but not the one I thought it was.  It was a Least Bittern.  The American Bittern is way bigger.  Funny little bugger.  It did eventually fly away, but I had to get within six-seven feet of it.  They stop and sway as a defense mechanism - trying to look like the reeds and marsh grasses they live in.  With their coloration, I could totally see a predator getting fooled.

I really need to stop trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with people.  It's like trying to teach a pig to dance.  Frustrating and irritating. And people wonder why I fish.  LOL

I've been reading a lot of Lillian Jackson Braun's 'The Cat Who' books.  They're not overly taxing.  They don't distract me from what I'm writing.  Easy stuff, people.  No clue what I'll do when I've read them all.  Start reading through my Andre Norton collection?  I got a whole box of her books at a yard sale years ago and never read them.  (Same thing with the Cat books - bought a box of them at a yard sale and dragged them here.)

I'm really fed up with The Food Network.  I mean, I'm still watching The Food Network Star - there's one episode left - but that's about it.  The only reason I'm still watching that is Jason.  He's awesome. 

Okay, that's about it for me today.  The coffee isn't doing its job this morning, and I've got adult stuff to do today.  Plus, I'm weeding crutch words out of my manuscript right now and that taxes my bwains.  (Bwains!  Bwains!)  But, the editing is due back to JC on Monday, so this will be over soon.  Until the next round.  LOL

Later days, dudes.


  1. I saw a roadrunner the other day, on the retaining wall between a self-storage place and one of the grocery stores where I shop. I wanted to stop and take a picture but the care behind me got impatient. *snarl*

    You've heard my naked ladies story...

    I have 10K (approximately) to write this weekend. I am procrastinating.

    It's rainy-gloomy outside. We need the rain. And the cooler temps. It's August and not 100 degrees but it puts me in mind of fall. I'm going to fix ham steaks and baked sweet potatoes for dinner.

    ANDRE NORTON! I loveLoveLOVE her Witch World series, the Beastmaster, the Sioux Spaceman, so-so-sooo many more. She was my go-to author as a kid. I'm doing a listen to Michelle Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra series. High fantasy and since I've read the books, I don't feel in a rush to listen constantly to find out what's going to happen.

    Okay. Enough procrastination. To work! Go catch some fishies.

  2. Yay, you're back! I was just beginning to worry about you.

    Love, love Andre Norton! Almost all are middle-grade or YA, but I enjoyed them, and reread them occasionally.

    So cool about the herons. Love those birds, too!