Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 8/26/17

Welcome back to the Saturday Fishing Report.

Sorry I missed last week's report, but there wasn't a boatload to report anyway.  I did do some fishing, but I didn't catch anything worth talking about.  I did find a big largemouth dead on the shore.  Not very long dead, but in rigor and starting to just barely smell.  I moved it from where it was under a bunch of shoreline bushes to an open area where the vultures could get to it easier.  In the process I discovered what killed it.  It had swallowed a lure and, I'm guessing, choked to death.  I retrieved the lure.

Then Friday before last, I slipped on some loose gravel at the edge of a creek and deposited myself on my ass.  Messed up my ankle, made lovely bruises, totally trashed the interior of my tackle box which required quite a bit of untangled and reorganizing.  Anyway, the messed up ankle made it less than ideal to fish for a while, so I only got out once last week.

Thursday - Went out around 8am to my spot on the main lake.  It's an easier walk and I don't have to play mountain goat to get there.  Unfortunately, nothing was biting there and I had to use the facilities, so I thought I'd try the park.  I used the bathroom and drove around the park looking for a place to park where I wouldn't have to walk a mile on my messed up ankle.  Nope.  So I drove to my go-to spot.  Walked down to the ledges without difficulty, found a spot to sit, and cast out.  Lucky for me it was a cool day because those ledges are east facing and full sun first thing in the morning.  I still got pretty hot and sweaty, though, and for only three 5-6" bluegills.  Still, better than getting skunked.

I can't wait for fall fishing to commence.  I want to try that lure I pulled out of the largemouth.

Anyway, that's it for me.  Better luck next week, I guess.  Now that the weather is turning cooler, try to enjoy the out-of-doors, eh?  Your spirit will thank you.


  1. Hope this week is better fishing. And yeah, I'm sorta thinking that maybe if I go stare at water somewhere, maybe my head will clear and I can get back to work.

    1. Thanks, Silver. We'll see. I hope you do get to stare at some water for a while. If you can't find water, go to a park and stare at the birds and squirrels. :hugs: