Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday This n That

I finished the first draft of Sleeping Ugly last night.  I'm pretty sure I'll have to rewrite the ending.  In fact, I'm positive.  It's lame.  Lame lame lame.

Lame words are better than no words.  And done is better than not done.

By my calculations, if I keep working on my edit notes at the pace I set yesterday (which was when I still thought I had a book to finish writing), I should have the line by line stuff done in 7 days, which will leave me time to work on some notes and the eradication of crutch words. 

I was one hot mama yesterday.  I did the banking, mailed packages, hit Walmart for groceries, picked up critter feed, did the dishes, edited 29 pages while making semi-homemade spaghetti sauce, made dinner, and wrote 3K words.  Go me.

I'm really tired today.  Not sure how certain people :cough:Silver:cough: do what they do every day.  Must be drinking better coffee than I am.  ;o)

My hummingbirds are little assholes.  To each other.  They never bother me.  But you know those pictures of hummingbirds gathered a feeder eating together.  Not here.  They don't share food.  One will actually sit on a branch of the nearby redbud to guard her spot.  If any other hummingbird tries to drink, she attacks them.  Of course, while she's chasing one away, another will sneak in for a quick drink.  Sometimes it a male guarding the feeder, but usually it's a female.  Vicious little buggers.  Fun to watch, though.

Our wild rabbits like to lay in the food pan while they're eating.  It's pretty funny.  Yesterday, there was one laying in the pan when Hubs went down to feed the critters.  He was all like "You're gonna have to move if you don't want to be covered in corn."  It finally hopped away, but it was hilarious.

Well, that's it for me.  What's on tap for you today?


  1. I'm still fighting the crud I dragged home from Florida and now I've infected Lawyer Guy. Yippee. Not!

    My feeder is mostly empty. I occasionally (rarely) catch a hummer there.

    I'm not getting much done and I need to. LOL Don't hold me up to the spotlight. ;)

    Congrats on SU! That means the time was right to write it and don't sweat the ending. The right words will come.

    Have I mentioned med head? Yeah, I haz it.

    I'm on my fourth cup of coffee. It is 9:30. I haven't even looked at the WIP--any of the 3 of them. Which means I need to get to work! Later tater.

    Oh, and go fishing while the weather's nice! Hopefully, the summer people will leave because school is starting!

  2. I've noticed the same thing here with our hummingbirds. Birds in general are vicious. I see it in all species of birds to one extent or another.

  3. Yay for finishing your first draft! :-D

    ROFL at the rabbit lying in the food pan! Cheeky little beggar! ;-)