Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday This n That

Because I forgot to post yesterday, I thought you wouldn't mind a Friday this n that for a change.

Actually, not much has gotten done this week.  I blame the eclipse. 

Yesterday, I saw a female cerulean warbler in my redbud tree. 

I also went fishing for the first time since my fall last week. 

People, as a whole, are silly nincompoops.  (Not specific individuals, but people.)  And I'm trying to laugh at them.  Which is good because if I did what I really wanted to do, I'd be in jail and they'd still be silly nincompoops.

I keep hearing people say the word height with a th sound at the end.  For some reason, it's irritating me.  It's HITE not HEIGHTH.  Then again, tons of people say ASHPHALT instead of ASPHALT.  And OFFEN instead of OFTEN.  :shrug:

There really isn't anything as peaceful and recharging as sitting on the edge of a body of water with no one else around.  Quiet, calm, still.  The sun on you, the breeze ruffling your hair, birds singing in the distance.  Ahhh.

Of course, then you have to go back and reconnect with the world which reminds you that the world is nuts.  Ah, well.

Okay, that's it.  I'm done this-n-thating today.  What this-n-thating do you have to do?

1 comment:

  1. It's raining. Again. Hard. Over an inch in an hour. Yay for areal flood warnings going off on the cell phones which sends Boone to the closet (or under my desk!) to hide.

    Hit one deadline, two more to go. I did get some words written on Roman's October book. That's good since that's two months away. *FLAIL*

    I enjoyed the week LG was away but glad to have him home. However, I got "schooled" by a woman in the cell phone lot because I didn't turn off my lights. Evidently, I failed the class on cell phone lot etiquette. Whatever.

    I want a nap. Restless sleep and early awake times are taking a toll. Sadly, once I'm awake? Yeah, I don't go back to sleep so if it's 4 a.m.? I lay there, eyes open, brain on a hamster wheel that does not lend itself to being productive. Ah well.

    That's it for me this week. :) Enjoy your weekend!