Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Eclipse

I posted on FB about 10-12 days ago that I was officially sick of hearing about the eclipse.  I mean, come on.  They started hyping it up over a month ago.  It's not like Haley's comet, either.  There'll be another one in 2024.  (Which they are already hyping.  Ugh.)

I remember, back in 1979, doing the whole pinhole thing for school.  At that work making the damn thing and I didn't see anything.  Or at least I thought I didn't.  I think I was expecting something more than the changing of a circle of light on the back of a box.  Perhaps my 8-9 year old self had hoped of the projector being more like a projector and showing me a movie or something on the inside of a box.  :shrug:  I found it all so very anticlimactic. 

So when they started talking about the 2017 eclipse, I was all like 'meh'. 

I didn't actually 'see' the eclipse yesterday.  I wasn't planning on doing anything, but Hubs thought it would be cool to make a pinhole projector, so we did and we went outside to try to out and junk.  Once again, it was :yawn:  I mean, it was fun doing that with Hubs, but the actual spectacle was boring.  Then a little while later, when the sky started to get this weird semi-dusk look to it, we went back outside to try the pinhole thing again. 

And something kind of cool happened.  The concrete slab out in front of the porch was covered in these little fingernail moons.  I took some pics of them.  It was way better than the entire pinhole thing - then and now. 

I guess those people who were in the 'path of totality' and had those glasses got to see something really neat.  I guess I'd have to see it to get excited about it.  Maybe in 7 years I'll foot the bill for those glasses things.  I'm still not driving hundreds of miles to get into the path of it, though. 

Personally, I get more excited about rainbows.  You never know where one is going to be and then bam, there it is.  So pretty. 

Anyway, did you see the eclipse?  Was it everything you hoped it would be? 


  1. The 2024 should put you in or damn close to totality. Lucky dog. We'll get 94% here. We didn't get any cool shadows this time around because we were at about 80% but I went out and tried to take a picture at the apex without actually looking at the sun. I'm a "sky nerd". I used to drag Only out to see the shuttle fly over, Perseid meteor showers, any really cool planetary configurations. Now I go look by myself. :)

    1. I'm not planning anything 7 years in advance. LOL. Sorry you missed out on the fingernail moons all over. Like I said on FB, it was the coolest part.

      Ooo, now you can drag Storm to all those things. =o)

  2. Your photo is soooo cool! I was in the 50% zone and noticed nothing.

    BUT I'll be in or very near 100% in 2024 - something to look forward to. :-)

    The last several days have been a zoo! Dad-sitting or taking (no, dragging!) Mom to PT... My brain is warped and 7C is going nowhere slowly. Next few, more of the same. Sigh.