Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday This n That

It's time for my yearly physical again.  This morning.  At 8am.  Since I have to drive east to get there, I'm glad sunrise is at 6am this morning.  It's a bitch to drive into the sun.  Anyway, since I had the full meal deal physical last year, this morning is just a 'pat and chat' visit.  She'll come into the room, talk to me about how I'm feeling, and then give me a boob exam.  yay.

So, I hate doctors.  In a general sort of way.  I can remember an individual doctor here or there that I liked, but it's a small percentage considering how many doctors I've seen over the course of my life.  My physiatrist in Michigan?  He's awesome.  This general practitioner?  I give her a 2 on the 'hate scale' - (1 being low-hate and 10 being total-hate).  Since we developed an understanding, she's been pretty cool.  The understanding being I won't be letting them poke me for blood tests I don't think I need.  I had one doc in CO hold my shot hostage until I let her draw blood, the nurse there popped my vein, and the tests came out normal.  I relayed this story to the doc here and she said 'that's just so wrong' and she promised me she would never hold my shot hostage.  Yay.

For the record, I love the office staff and the nurse at my clinic.  Also, for the record, I feel great, so I don't anticipate this to be a long doctor visit.

My new drapes arrived yesterday and I put them up while Hubs was mowing the lawn.  They're very pretty, but they're too thin.  I wanted something less heavy than the black-out drapes we had, but this might be less privacy than we feel comfortable with.  :sigh:  Anyway, the ones for the living room are chocolate and the ones for the office are sage.  The office ones will stay.  We'll see about the living room ones.

The big does are all fat pregnant.  Poor things.  They look so uncomfortable.  But the pregger bellies are shifting toward the back, so they should be dropping fawns soon.  Yay fawns!

We had Carolina wrens nest under our sunroom this year.  They fledged out four of the cutest little buggers, who are now flitting around our yard eating bugs.  =o)

What's on your this n that today?


  1. My mother made drapes for all my other houses, but for this house, I decided not to have any drapes. Instead I opted for honeycomb shades. It's got a slight insulating factor, they're light, but allow total privacy.

    With ceiling to floor windows, drapes would be too heavy and overwhelming.

    If you ever need total privacy, check out the new window treatments. They're not as expensive as I thought they'd be. I bought mine at 3-day Blinds. They did all the measuring and all the work. It was worth it.

  2. I use sheers on tension rods behind my thinner drapes. Heck, I use them behind the thicker ones so I can open those during the day to let light into the house. They work well to filter eyes from outside. We live on a corner so get a bit of traffic, both vehicular and foot.

    Those Carolina wrens are cute little buggers but dang, they are LOUD! LOL