Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 'Oh Who Cares'

Seriously, does anyone really care what week it is?  Oh, I'll probably still note the week number in subsequent Sunday Updates.  This morning, though?  Meh. 

Now to get to what last week looked like...

The lake crested at 934.53' above sea level.  As of this morning, they've got it down to 931.28.  At this rate, it should be back to 'normal pool' in July.  If it doesn't rain any more.  Seems they've stalled the dumping of water from the dam because there's too much water in the Mississippi - which is where this water will eventually end up.  Perhaps once the Mississippi chills out, they'll dump faster.  Time will tell.

I didn't get any writing work done.  Still not sure what to do about the general malaise.

I've read a bunch, though.  A mystery, a SF, and a romance.  And I started another mystery last night.

Fertile Ground is still on sale worldwide. 

Took loads of pictures.  Here's one:
That's a female rose-breasted grosbeak.  I tried to get pics of one of the males, but he was camera shy.  We've also had northern orioles in the yard, but they're camera shy, too. 

Here's a baby goose butt...
One of these days, I should compile all the bird butt pictures I've taken over the years. 

Speaking of female rose-breasted grosbeaks, I had one ditch into the window this week.  I held her and stroked her little head until she stopped looking stunned.  Then she flew away.  I hate that birds knock themselves silly on our picture window, but I love being able to hold them. 

Well, that's it for me.  What's going on your world?


  1. Bird butt pictures. That sounds like a coffee table book in the making. :)

  2. I second that, Maria! I'd buy it!

    I think this whole general malaise thing is is some virus in the air. *nods* It's going around. Just sayin'...

    Hope the water goes down soon so you can fish.

  3. I love the grosbeak, but I adore the baby goose butt.

    The only thing that helped my writing malaise was sitting down and poking at it. Poking and poking and poking until finally words started dribbling out. And you're the one who got me going again last January when I'd half given up!

    So, butt in chair (you're not a goose, so you don't get to put your butt in the air) and poke that keyboard until it starts making sense. ;-)

    My week: I wrote and rewrote the first page of 7C at least six times. But today I finally got to page 2 and beyond - I forgot to check how far I got.

    And Alchemy's Child is live! I've updated my fiction website, and I'll finish the main website and my blog tomorrow, now that I have links. Yay!