Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday This n That

I cleaned my coffee maker last night and this morning's coffee tastes awesome.

If I seem kind of testy lately, it's because I am kinda testy lately.  Every time I turn around I read about something else that makes me want to poke people in the eye.  Since I can't go around poking people in the eyes, though, I've been bottling it up, and since I'm not hermetically sealed, it's leaking out in other ways.  I usually bleed it off by fishing.  Except due to the floods, I hadn't been able to go fishing.  Yesterday changed that.  I hope to be less testy soon.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the irritations will build up faster than I can bleed them off.  And I'll pop like a balloon.  Little bits of B.E. everywhere.  Ew.

I really did have the most amazing morning fishing yesterday.  I caught so many fish I lost count.  Rebuilding some of it in my head, though, I'm pretty sure I caught at least 18 fish.  Big fun. 

I just now got a notice from Amazon of a new release by B.E. Sanderson.  Only a little over a month late there, Big A, but thanks.

Okay, that's it for me.  Anything popping up on your this n that meter today?


  1. As you say to me...I'm here. *nods*

    I just recommended a book to you through Goodreads.

    We're still fighting the insurance company over LG's truck. Rental car goes back today. We'll have to empty out his truck, find the title, etc. He's *THISSSS* close to filing a bad faith suit. Fun times.

    I'm reading contest books. It's either feast or famine. I got through the famine early, but for the last book. It's okay but I wonder how it finaled in this contest. Hell, I wonder how some people are best-selling authors. But that's just my inner cynic.

    I've been a might testy and cranky as well. Luckily, there is baseball and softball to watch. My Cards are finally getting it together. Yay.

    I need to write. Sadly, I can't say that I *want* to write. But this is my job so time to get to it.

    Later, gator. And good fishing!!!

    1. I saw that recommend! Thank you! Ugh about the car. So glad LG is okay, though. Yeah, I wonder that, too, but hey, I guess I'm not the target market for some 'best-selling' authors. :shrug: Yay for the Cards. Good thing you're not a Royals fan. They're blowing this year.

      I hope you got your writing done. Yeah, this is my job, too... I ought to be fired.

      Later days, and thanks!