Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 5/6/17

Due to the flooding, the fishing report has been canceled - because fishing all week had to be canceled.
It's actually down 3 whole feet from when that pic was taken, but 3 feet down still leaves my fishing spots underwater.  I'm jones'n bad, folks.

On another note, my nearly new Pflueger fishing reel that broke a week ago Friday has been operated on, but it's looking grim.  The surgeon - aka Hubs - can't figure out what's wrong with it so he can fix it.  I know what's wrong with it.  Crappy workmanship.  It's everywhere, so why not at Pflueger, too?  I could've bought 5 cheap reels for what I paid for that one and had them last me as long.  Feh.  I babied the hell out of that thing, too.  Bah.

Here's hoping I have actual fishing to report next Saturday.  Not fishing is making me grumpy.  =o\

1 comment:

  1. Take pictures and complain to the company. Bah. I hate cheap sh-stuff.

    Glad the water is going down. The newsfeed from up that way has looked grim. :/

    Maybe this coming week with nice temps will send all that water downstream and you throw a hook in the water! Hang in there.