Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 21

Here we are again with another week gone.  Another month gone.  Pretty darn close to halfway through the year.  Time flies whether you're having fun or not.

Still nothing on the writing or editing scale. 

I've been reading like crazy, though.  Four books last week.  Eleven so far for May.  I started another one last night and have one in the hopper - both of which I should get through before Thursday.  On a side note, my Kindle Fire keeps telling me I can't read the books I've paid for at Amazon because of DRM.  It tells me to delete the book and then go purchase it.  Umm, duh, I already purchased it.  I don't pirate books, you freaktards.  Thankfully, I have my old Kindle and it's not telling me I can't read those books. So, I'm switching over to the old model whenever I get those errors.

The deer are still preggers.

We had some freaknasty storms yesterday and last night.  All's well here at Sanderson Acres, but the area's getting hit hard this year.  I read this morning that Branson got 5" of rain last night with the flooding and junk that goes along with the much water all at once.  Like we need more rain.  Ugh.

I did go fishing last week, but didn't do the fishing report.  I only caught one fish anyway and it was too small.  I did get a tick, though.  Brought that home.  Hubs pulled it out for me because it was on my back in an unreachable spot.  Itches like a bad devil now.  (Yes, I cleaned it good and I'm keeping antiseptic cream on it.)

The summer people have arrived.  I'm hiding at home.  Those people are nuts.  Why do people go on vacation somewhere and lose all sense of courtesy and decorum?  If this is their normal behavior, I feel sorry for their neighbors wherever they call home.  Sheesh.

The upside to storms is that it keeps the partiers inside and quiet for the most part.

Oh, and we're getting red-headed woodpeckers in the yard this year.  I've seen them down the hill by the river, but never up here, so that's a win for me.  So pretty.

That's it for me.  What's up your world?


  1. I hate ticks. When I was 35, one tick gave me Lyme disease. I lost nearly a year of my life trying to recover.

    Now there's a new tick transmitted virus (Powassan) that's supposed to be worse and can infect you if attached for only 15 minutes.

    Hey, we got a little rain this morning. Did you have anything to do with that? :)

  2. We've had family visiting from the west coast all week. They're gone now, but it may take me another week to get my act together. Got *very* little writing done.

    Oops! Lightning and thunder hitting together. Time to shut down the computer!

  3. Lake people. No comment. Sorry you have to put up with them. Ugh.

    I spent the weekend trying to figure out what the hell was screwed up in my current WIP. I ended up typing out what I had, reading through it hard copy (haven't done that in ages!), rearranging scenes and chapters, fixed the time line and otherwise have it straightened out now and ready to finish. Crossing fingers I get it out this week.