Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 5/20/17

Welcome once more to the Fishing Report. 

It's still pretty floody around here.  The lake was dropping, but with more rain yesterday and forthcoming, I don't see it going down any time soon.  The good news as of Thursday was that the road to one of my fishing spots has been re-opened.  (Good thing for all those people who live up there, too.  Now they can drive the direct pavement instead of the dirt backroads.)

What happened last week... let's see...

I went out on Monday, I think.  Cleared some more detritus out of the road at my go-to spot, but on a different part.  The bluegills were biting, but the bass were bored with worms.  I mean, I could literally see bass ignoring my bait.  Casting out underneath the trees caught me three 8-9" bluegills.  They all went back.

Back out again on Thursday.  I tried going to a few different spots first thing in the morning.  The first one up under the bridge on the main lake: The parking lot is above water which meant it was full of trucks and trailers.  The only place I thought I might be able to stand and cast out was a poison ivy garden.  The next spot was a state park I'd fished in last week, except now they're 'open' and charging $5 to enter, so I left.  Plenty of free places to fish.  As often as I fish, I'd be broke if I fished there.  Went exploring some of my usual regular spots and found that road open, so I went to the top of the peninsula.  The parking lot is above water, but just barely.  I cast out from there, but it was super sunny and getting hot.  No luck.  Then I went to another, semi-hidden spot.  The water was up to the sign that says 'Lake Ahead'.  Which means the parking lot is totally flooded.  I made a 7-point turn in the road and left.  Off to my go-to spot again.  Got some solid hits there, casting out into the parking lot, but was unable to seal the deal.  Left about noon.

Update on the reel saga.  The shiny-new Plueger is dead.  Thus, to avoid wasting more money on shit that breaks, I went back and taught myself how to use that damn Abu Garcia I had so much trouble with.  Umm, once you get the hang of it, it's really a good reel.  Derp.  So, I'm using that and an old spincaster Hubs had.  The Abu Garcia is great when I have loads of room to cast and the spincaster is great for when I'm in a tighter spot - like when I was casting under those trees on Monday.  (Mainly because or rod length, I guess.  The Abu is on a 6.5' rod and the old spincaster is on a 5.5' rod.)  Anyway, it's all good now, baby.

I'd tell you to get out and enjoy nature, but the weather is weird, so do what you can.  Until next week, Hasta la bye-bye.

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  1. Yay on figuring out that other reel! Boo on the expensive one turning into a POS. :-P

    We've had two gorgeous days but I think more rain is supposed to move in tomorrow. It's May. What can I say? LOL Hope you get lots of fishing in this week!