Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday This n That

The other day, Hubs got a call from someone he went to high school with.  He hasn't seen or spoken to the guy in 45 years and out of the blue... bam.  It was pretty cool.  And they had a nice conversation.  The whole thing led me to thinking about the people I went to high school with.  Which led me to the FB page for alumni and teachers who've passed away.  Some of it was decidedly depressing - like seeing that a long-ago friend of my mom's had passed away.  But two teachers I had despised also passed away, which made me happy.  Yeah, I'm that kind of person.  What can I say?  They were mean to me.  Googling, I also discovered someone I was friends with in HS is alive and well and teaching 6th grade at a local (to where we grew up) private school.  I tried calling her after our 10 year class reunion, after which we went out and talked for a while, but she never called back, so meh.  Glad she's doing well, though.  I tried googling another friend, but I only know her maiden name and she's dropped off the radar entirely with that name.

I'm in a slump with regard to writing again.  In fact, I found myself asking if I really want to do this anymore. Again.  I expect this too shall pass.  It usually does.  Right now, though...  Meh.

So, I got something in the mail from someone I haven't seen in 4 years, and it was a graduation announcement for one of their children.  Which left me wondering a couple things - 1) were they doing a blanket announcement to everyone they've ever known trying to get grad prezzies?  2) since they never sent my kid a grad prezzie or card, what exactly was my obligation?  Yeah, I'm that kind of person, too.  I sent a card.

I'm connected to a cousin's wife on FB - and she keeps asking me where I live... on FB... as if I would blurt it out there.  Other than 'SW MO', I don't really like telling people on social media exactly where they can find me.  Yep, that kind of person, too.  If she wants my address, she can ask my mom. 

BTW, my mom is total awesome dipped in awesomesauce and covered with awesonesprinkles, so I fail to understand why anyone would want to lose touch with her.  I talk to her as often as our schedules allow.  And I'm hoping she lives at least as long as her grandmother, which would give me another good 20 years with her in my life.

Well, that's it for the this n that today.  How's 'bout you?


  1. So far my mom has outlived everyone in her family. She still has a few younger sisters.

    re: friends returning to haunt
    That kind of creeps me out when people look for me out of the blue. My thinking is that if we lost touch with each other, there's a good reason, so why reconnect?

    One HS friend looked me up but she was insane with hooking up. She sent a friend request to me and my husband. New to FB, hubby accepted, but I ignored her. She went on tirades, emailing me and messaging him about why I wouldn't friend her. I felt like telling her: look in the mirror. You stalk me and I'll block you. And so I did. :)

    Glad your hubby's experience was better than mine.

    1. LOL, I like your thinking, Maria. Still, sometimes the reason we lost touch was never really a reason and upon reflection, I think maybe I should've never lost touch in the first place. But I could be wrong.

      Yeah, that's just creepy.

      So am I. Not that they'll be bestest buds again like they were when they were young, but it was nice.

  2. Huh. But I'm not surprised. Someday, we need to hook up face-to-face. Either we're so much alike we'll be *real* friends, or we're so much alike we'll prefer to be *on-line* friends. LOL I suspect it'll be for real. ;)

    1. LOL, probably. Too bad I'm such a hermit or we could be face to face friends. You're not really all that far away in the scheme of things.