Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 5/13/17

Welcome again to the fishing report for less than competent anglers. 

The flood waters are slowly receding, but the majority of my fishing spots are still inaccessible.  I took it upon myself to make my go-to spot accessible because not going fishing was making me jumpy.  Not that I didn't try other spots, but it wasn't the same.

Sunday - Went to a different park.  Fished off one of the camping spots into what would've been other camping areas.  Got some solid bites, but no go.  Tried fishing in the parking lot, but I think it was too sunny.  Back into the car and off to another spot, which was a bit of a haul.  Flooded boat ramp and one of the few with most of the parking lot still above water, so a ton of fishermen had put in there.  I saw someone in a boat catch a walleye off where the end of the boat ramp would be, but no luck for me.

Monday and Tuesday - I spent the mornings clearing logs and timber and sticks and crap out of my go-to spot.

Wednesday - Alternated cleaning and fishing for a bit, but the fishing was so damn good I stopped cleaning.  I lost count of all the fish I caught.  From what I could piece together later, I caught at least 8 bluegills between 4" and 8", and 7 bass between 8" and 14.5" (spotted, largemouth, and smallmouth).  And one 10" sucker.  All on worms.  All in the flooded parking lot.

Friday a.m. (8:30 to noon) - Cloudy, rainy, windy.  Did a little more cleaning but only because the wind had drifted some logs in my way.  The fishing was amazing again.  9 spotted bass between 12" and 15" in short order.  Two of them were over the size limit, but they were full of eggs, so I put them back.  (Silly fish laying eggs in a parking lot.)  Then the bass bite tailed off and I tried throwing under the trees.  Caught a 20" sucker - awesome fighter that was.  Woohoo.  Moved back to the parking lot proper and caught one more spotted bass - 8" - then a big redear sunfish and two big bluegills.  Caught some more bluegills and went home. 

Friday p.m. (3:30-6:00) - Mostly cloudy turning quickly to mostly sunny with some wind. After hearing about my amazing morning, Hubs got the fishing bug and we went back out in the afternoon.  The bite wasn't quite as good, but it was still there.  Hubs caught the biggest at 13", but we both caught bass.  Probably a half dozen between 8" and 13", and two bluegills.

I might try to go out again this morning, but the fog's pretty bad.  I've never had much luck in fog.  Then again, I've never had the kind of luck I've had this week, so maybe it's worth a try.  Check back next week to see what I decided to do today.  ;o)

That's it for me.  Have an awesome week and try to get outside a little. 


  1. How many keepers did you bring home for the freezer? Next big round of storms due mid-week so I hope your level goes down before then. Plus, you are a good citizen for cleaning up. And putting the preggers bass back.

    1. I put them all back. I had 3 big bluegills swimming in the sink after yesterday morning, but we took them back to the lake in the afternoon. I didn't feel like cleaning them. They looked a little confused, but they swam off happy.

      The good citizen got to the lake this morning to find someone had a party there last night. Built a bonfire in the middle of the parking lot exit. Not a ton of garbage, but still... :sigh:

      and the fish weren't biting this morning. =o\