Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday This n That

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately.  Every time I sit down to write a blog post lately, it's either ranting or whining.  Bleh.

It's my birfday today.  I'm going to make myself some big, fat, freakin' cheeseburgers.  And follow it up with chocolate cake and peanut butter ice cream.  Or maybe I'll have the cake and ice cream first.  Because I'm an adult and I can do whatever I want to do.  (At least when it comes to food.)

Speaking of food, I weighed myself yesterday.  183.  Two pounds up from the low, but I'm cool with that.  It's better than the 195 I was sitting at at the beginning of 2016.  It's probably two pounds of Easter candy and Big Pack Nutty Buddies.  (If you haven't tried the 'Big Pack' yet, there aren't more in the package - there's more peanut butter in between the wafers.  So good.  The Big Pack Oatmeal Creme Pies are evil.  Bigger cookies, more creme.)  And the fact that I haven't been fishing as much lately because of the flooding doesn't help matters. Sitting and reading doesn't burn calories, ya know?

Speaking of flooding, it's slowly coming down.

Yesterday was our anniversary.  Thirteen years of wedded bliss.  No matter what crap has gone on in the last 13 years, we've had each other and our love and commitment to each other.  He's the best thing that ever happened to me.  Last night, he grilled me salmon for dinner.  And we had vanilla cake and ice cream (PB for me, cherry for him). 

Lest you think I have multiple cakes laying around the house, I bought a cake sampler at Wallyworld.  Four different kinds of creme cake, each section big enough for two slices.  Perfect.

Yeah, I'm pretty much a snack hedonist.  Like right now we have a big bowl of mini-candybars on the dining room table, alongside a bowl of leftover Robin's Eggs.  Then we have bags of peanut M&Ms in the cupboard - regular and mega. (They were on clearance.)  With Oatmeal Creme Pies and these things called Red, White, and Blueberry rolls.  (OMG, if you haven't tried them...)  We have donuts and cake.  Right now, there are three kinds of ice cream in the freezer, along with the remains of a box of Klondike Bars and a few ice cream sandwiches.  And a cupboard shelf full of chips - offbrand Doritos, Cheetos, and Fritos, Chex Mix, Lays Stax Bacon Cheese something or other.  We don't usually have this much crap, but it's been one of those years.  Good thing I've been staying active and out of the house a lot.  LOL

I am a sucker for clearance items. 

Okay, so today's this n that was mostly about food.  I'd say it meant I was hungry, but I'm not.  It's too early to think about eating.  Mornings are for coffee.  Am I right?

What's your this n that today?  What are your favorite kinds of snacks?


  1. Happy birthday!! And how neat that you chose to marry near the same time as your birthday. How did you happen to choose that particular date?

    I'm not much of a snack person. ...well, I'm not someone who should be eating snacks. :)

  2. LOL, well, he was coming to visit me for my birthday and we decided to get married while he was in town.

  3. Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary!

    My favorite snacks are dark-chocolate covered almonds. Ditto with raisins. Yum!

    My old, wonderful mouse died, but I found a mouse plus keyboard (the old one was sticking) on clearance at a dying Office Max. They are officially driving me crazy! Wish me luck getting used to them.

    1. Thanks, Deb! Ooo, chocolate covered nuts are awesome. And raisins. And well, pretty much most chocolate covered things. =o)

      Bummer about the mouse. I hate that. And I hate getting used to a new keyboard. I've had this one for months now and I still get irritated by it. =o\

  4. Happy celebratory days! You have mail.

    Shut up about the snack foods. I'm up almost 10 pounds. Freaking deadlines. I'm turning into Jabba the Slug because I'm at my desk. I really try to get up every hour and move around but walking from my office to the bathroom then kitchen for a coffee refill doesn't even register on a Fitbit. If I HAD a fitbit. LOL

    Funny thing, I'm doing big ol' fat cheeseburgers tonight too. They're fast to fix, easy to eat and we can watch the weather.

    Again, VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and the hubs. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I'm STILL older than you! LOLOL)

    1. Mail received! Thanks!

      Okay, I'll shut up. I know how it goes, though. When I'm actually working, I hardly move - unless it's to walk from this chair to the recliner.

      Cheeseburgers are the perfect food. I throw mine on the ol' Foreman Grill and they're done lickety-split.

      THANK YOU! And, lol, yes, you are still older. So's Hubs. =op