Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 14

This is the week that was...

I spent most of last week finishing up editing, then proofreading, then formatting Natural Causes.  I uploaded it to Amazon Friday evening and it was live by the time I went to bed.  Then I was so tired, I basically did a 'it's live' post because I couldn't muster the energy to really woohoo about it.  And it's my eighth book, so the shine has kind of gone off the apple.  Okay, that's not it.  But anyway, it's live and I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I really do love Dennis and Jillian, and their supporting cast.  I'm just drained.

What else...  I read some stuff.  The Bridge Over the River Kwai, which kind of wasn't nearly as good as the movie.  Then I read a super cute mystery called In For a Penny, which is the first book in the Granny series, if that tells you anything.  Old lady sleuths crack me up.

I went fishing a couple times to give myself brain breaks from the pre-publication insanity.

I did some yard work.  Planted stuff.  Weeded stuff.  Moved stuff.  Crap, I just remembered that i forgot to water the gardens last night.  Derp.  Anyway, everything's looking good.  Unless I keep forgetting to water it. 

I hid while the electric company came by and butchered err trimmed the trees away from the power lines.  They actually did less of a hack job in my yard than other places I've seen, probably because the first time they stopped I spoke with them, and then the morning before the whacking they stopped again and Hubs spoke with them.  They were very careful of my black cherry tree, but that poor elm.  We're hoping it survives.  It had to be done.  Limbs and electric lines are a hazardous mix. 

That's it for me.  What's up with you?


  1. I've been a slug. No writing. Hardly any marketing. I've been listening to audio books--my eyes are giving me fits at the moment. I'm hoping it's just allergies though I do have a cataract forming in one. :/ I got a book from the library--was on the waiting list so trying to read it fast. Then I'll dive into NATURAL CAUSES. I put the hummingbird feeder out. No flitters yet. Gonna work on NIGHT FIRE today, though a new character (mob wolf name of Ronan) is niggling around in my brain. I don't have time for them yet. But he's there and a demanding cuss. NIGHT FIRE FIRST. Then more RDR, then Roman's story for Penumbra. And baseball. LOL Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Hooray for "Natural Causes" going live!

    I love old lady sleuths, too. Who wrote "In For a Penny"? I'll look for her at the used bookstore. No budget for new books lately, but I split the cost of used books with my reading buddy.

    Errrr. The electric co. mangled the trees down the road last year. So ugly! I don't have trees anywhere near my lines, thank goodness.

    I finished 13,800 words last week. Only two chapters to go until THE END, of the first draft, anyway. Tons of stuff need cleaning up, but I'm getting close enough to taste it. :-D