Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Update

Not too much to talk about this week.  I wrote... a lot.  And I read... some.  Otherwise, I was a lump.

In writing, I cranked out just over 15K words - mostly due to WYAOW.  As it stands, I've rewritten 17 chapters out of 25 total.  Eight more to go and I'll be finished with this draft.  According to my word meter, I'm almost 80% finished - based on an 80K word manuscript.  I think I need to change the total word amount.  I have a feeling I'm going to blow by 80 thousand words by the end of chapter 21.  I'm guessing now that the 2nd draft will end up at 90-95K.  :shrug:  To use a phrase that always has Daughter rolling her eyes at me... That's how I roll, baby.

After a slow start to my reading year, I'm currently at 7 books finished.  Three of those books were read this past week. My Soul to Save was a quick read and I started Witches Incorporated as soon as I was finished.  That one was huge, and a little hard to get into.  Of course, it didn't help that Endurance by S.L. Viehl showed up at the library for me (via interlibrary loan) on Monday.  I paused reading WI so I could inhale the third Stardoc book.  Good thing, too, because once I got back to WI, I dived right in.  I guess I needed a little breather.  Now I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

Like I said, other than that, it's been a slow week.  My house cleaning schedule fell apart and so did the project I was working on for my store.  Heh, my diet didn't do so well either.  Better luck next week.

Oh, one other good thing that happened this week was an amazing piece of luck for one of the local critters who eat from my buffet.  You may remember me talking about Percival O. Possum.  He's a rollie-pollie wonder, he is.  Well, one of his progeny decided to cross the street at sunset the other day.  A pickup truck was coming from one direction and an SUV was coming from the other.  I just knew Lil' Possum (not really that small, but not as large as Percy) was going to be flattened, so I hid my eyes.  I heard a thump and then Husband's exclaimation of dismay.  I opened my eyes, expecting to see another dead animal on this stretch of road.  Needless to say, we were both surprosed to see Lil' Possum waddle - albeit quickly - out of the road and up under my car.

So, there we were with a potentially injured possum, maybe dying, under my car.  Umm... ew.  Possums can be pretty nasty critters when cornered, so we left it alone.  Long story short, he must've been fine because a while later he came out from under my car, knocked over the cat food dish, ate heartily and scampered away.  We figure the thump we heard was something shifting in the back of the pickup when the driver hit his brakes to avoid the critter.  Hopefully the experience scared the hell out of Lil' Possum so he never walks in front of a car again.

Your turn... Tell me something good that happened in your life this week.  How's the writing going?  Read anything good?

(The above picture is not any possum I know.  In fact, Percival is larger and lighter.  Lil Possum is smaller and darker.  BTW, I wouldn't recommend surfing for possum pictures...  Why anyone would want to post a picture of roadkill is beyond me.)


  1. You have a much more interesting life than you let on. lol

  2. lol nothing exciting happened this week (except that I am now officially on spring break-- WOOHOO!) I just have to finish My Antonia for one of my english classes and write a huge book review for history (UGH).

    Now, don't laugh, but the first time I saw a possum in Virginia, I had no idea what it was. No. Idea. We don't have them up here...

  3. So glad the possum was okay in the end.

    The best thing to happen this week is the arrival of the weekend :)