Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Update

Sorry for the delay to the Weekly Update, but I didn't want to post an update until I had this one last thing to report...


After the final push of 15607 words, I finished the rewrite on DLN!!  It took me a little over two months to get this puppy cranked out, but it's done.  Yay!  I ended up with another 23K words added to the first draft - which is good because 66K words does not a novel make.

Now, sure, I'm not finished with this book - not by a long shot - but I'm close.  As I said before, I'm hoping to have this sucker beta-ready by the end of March.  We'll see if that goal works out.  Depends on how much certain aspects of the storyline have to be tweaked, and whether this particular character really needs to die.  (I'm leaning toward yes, but we'll see if it works.)

In other news... Oh, hell, let's face it.  There is no other news.  I've been buried in this edit so deep nothing else has really hit my radar.  I've even been slacking on my blog comments.  (Sorry guys.)

Today or tomorrow, I'm going to dive back in.  I want to hit the beginning while the events of the end are still fresh in my head - just so I can make sure everything ties together the way I want it to.  This round shouldn't be nearly as hard on my hands, but it may be harder on my brain.  Wish me luck.

How are things going for you?  Anything good to report?


  1. congrats!! and, lots of luck on the edit!

  2. Congratulations.

    It's hard to focus on anything else when you're in the middle of editing. I don't blame you for diving back it, it's what I like to do too.

  3. Woohooo!!!! Congrats hun! That's fantastic!

    There's nothing much to say here. I've had an awful weekend. Between school stress and the extended family I'm just blah. The worst part is, I'm too tired to write. I'm hoping to get something out today, but I dont know. *sighs*