Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well Whaddya Know

It really did fall off.  Much like the poor gentleman to the left, but for different reasons.  He froze his off, I wrote mine off.  *All images deleted to avoid any chance of copyright infringement*

Technically WYAOW isn't over until tomorrow night, but I think I'm calling it quits.  Since yesterday morning, I typed over 10K words. My hands aren't quite demonic claws, but I'm having a tough time getting my fingers to hit all the right keys (and only the right keys).

Come to think of it, maybe they should call this event Write Your Hands Off Weekend.  Or Write Your Ass Flat Weekend would work, too, I guess. ;o)

Anyway, Now I must slather my arms in Aspercreme, lament the Colts loss, and call it a day.  How was your weekend?