Saturday, February 6, 2010


WYAOW - or  Write Your Ass Off Weekend* - officially started yesterday.  I wasn't planning on playing along, but then, this morning, I decided 'what the hell'.  I'm not signing up for it or anything - mainly because I don't want to pick a day and because well... I'm not a joiner.  Instead I'll be approaching this like I did with NaNoWriMo.only on a smaller scale.  I'll just write as much as I can over this weekend and see what happens.

Should be productive.  We'll see what kind of demonic claws my hands turn into by Monday morning. 

Anyone else interested in writing her ass off**?

*Not to be confused with Write Your Ass Off Day - which was last May (according to someone from the NY Writers Coalition).

**Oh, that it were actually so.  Write and the gluteous pounds melt away.  :sigh: