Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fogie Time

We're all friends here, so let me ask you something.  When did I become tragically unhip?  When did I leave 'Hammer Time' and crash land in 'Fogie Time'?  As forty slowly--agonizingly--approaches, I'm wondering when I started looking at the kids of today and having my mother pop out of my mouth. 

"Cut your hair... Your bangs are too long." "Turn it down."  "Slow down."  "What the hell are you wearing?" (ETA: For the record, my mother never swears. That was Dad.)

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not talking about my own kid.  Other than 'turn it down' and occasionally 'what the hell are you wearing?', she's a pretty straight forward kid.  (And I try to reign in my oldness with her.  I do remember what being young was like.  Although... come to think of it, I never was a fan of loudness.  Maybe all those years in band, sitting in front of the coronets and the drum section, stunted the loud part of my brain.)

What brings this up?  Well, I was watching VH1's JumpStart this morning - checking out the music scene, donchaknow, and I saw this totally goth kid kicking out what I thought was a good song.  Sure, he looked like The Cure on a good day, but maybe that's the new thing (or the new old thing, as the case may be).  A big plus for him was that the song had an 80's vibe.  Looks 80s, sounds 80s - that's my kind of kid.

Anyway, I went to look him up on Amazon just now - to see if he was worth shelling out the moolah for his CD.  :shrug:  I wasn't nearly as impressed with the rest of his music.  I love 80s music, but come on, kid, take the old and make it new instead of just parroting what the 80s alternative/punk bands did.  Bleh.  And what's with the look?  Baby, the Cure was popular when you were still trying to chew your way out of the playpen.

Heh, reading back over what I wrote up there... I guess in this year of 2010, admitting I liked the kid because he was 80s, but disliked him because he was too 80s, does punch my ticket to fogie land.  (Almost as much as admitting I still like Frank Sinatra, I guess.)

I guess this is just a rambling post.  Ignore me.  You know what they say about getting older... There are three things that go first.  One is your mind and the other two... I don't remember.  ;o)

"You can't touch this... Stop. Fogie time" (You really don't want to see me dance like MC Hammer.)

Oh, and the kid?  Adam Lambert.  I swear when I saw this CD in the store, I thought the face on the cover was a girl.  Nope.  It's him.  :shudder:  I never thought I'd like even one song.  But I do.  Is that tragically unhip or is he the latest thing in music?

And I don't know about you, but I think this is the anthem of people trapped in the 80s like me...

It's '1985' by Bowling for Soup.  I couldn't find the actual video - which is hilarious, btw - but this'll do.

"When did Motley Crue become classic rock?"
"Who's that other guy in Van Halen?"
"When did Ozzy become an actor?"

When did I reach Fogie Time? 


  1. You are TOO funny. I was seriously laughing out loud in the computer lab. My mom and I just had this conversation the other day. We like to sit at the mall and people watch and decide who is bringing back the 80's and some who probably never left! I think the fact that you write a blog is totally hip and therefore knocks out any other uncoolness you think you have.

  2. lol I do that to the younguns too. Sighs. Kids these days.... =D

    But no really. I do feel like that a lot of the time. I mean seriously, pull up your pants, get three sizes bigger, and get a hair cut.