Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting Forth the Effort - Even When It's Not 'Necessary'

Last night, Shaun White brought home the gold, but what's more important than him winning the gold was what he did after he knew he won.  As he and his crew of coaches waited for the signal to get into position for his second and seemingly unnecessary run, they debated what he was going to do with this 'gimme'.  I knew what he'd do.  Everyone's been talking about his Double McTwisty 1260* since the start of the games.  He had to do it, if only to show himself that he could.

And then one of coaches said something I think Shaun should fire him for**.  This guy actually suggested that Shaun just snowboard down the middle of the pipe.  Like that was ever going to happen.

I don't know Shaun.  Never met the man and probably never will.  But I know the type.  He's the kind of guy who isn't doing this to please anyone but himself.  He didn't have to do any kind of run to get the gold, but he had to do it for himself.  Just slide down the middle of the pipe??? Puleeze.  That would be like a best selling author not bothering to give her next book everything she had.

And then again, I've heard of authors who seem to do that very thing.  Big name writer X hits it big and her subsequent books just feel like she didn't bother to put forth the effort.  (I have no one in particular in mind here.  I'm just taking the idea and lumping it into one universal 'she'.)

The point, I guess, is that we always have to push the envelope.  Even if we make it big, we shouldn't just rest on our laurels, thinking we have it made.  Shaun White doesn't.  Even though he's got the gold in hand, he's always pushing to hit his personal best. 

I'm so glad Shaun didn't do as that coach suggested.  The idea of throwing away a run isn't Shaun's style.  And that he nailed that gimme run made the night that much more exciting.  Way to go, Shaun!

Now, of course, we can't all be Shaun White.  But we can take a page from his book and give everything we do everything we've got.  In this life, there are plenty of gimmes but, like Shaun, we shouldn't take them.  I know if I ever become a best-selling, big name author, I sure as hell won't.  I owe more to myself than that.

And really when you think about it, don't we all?

*Yeah, I know.  It's called the Double McTwist 1260, but I like it better my way.  It's got more pizzazz and plus, it rhymes. ;o)

**An anonymous person suggested that the comment was a joke was made by Shaun himself.  So, I guess no one's in need of firing today.  ;o)


  1. Shaun was awesome last night! I just love the Olympics.

  2. Great post!! And yeah, Shaun was amazing. USA did really well yesterday, it was lots of fun to watch =)

  3. actually, it was shaun who jokingly asked his coach if he should just slide down the middle, and his coach said ""

  4. Thanks, Anon. Even if it was Shaun's joke after all, it did make fodder for the post - and poked fun at people who really do think that way. So it's all good.

  5. This was an awesome post... relating it to writing for the win. :)

  6. You make a great point in this post. I think when an author becomes successful they owe it to their readers, as well as themselves, to give their best.