Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Cluttered Are You?

I have a lot of things on my desk.  Oh, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but as I sat here this morning thinking about what to post, I realized I might have some things here that are unique to me.  I'm guessing we all have the usual pens and notepads.  The errands notes, the bottle of hand-sanitizer, the pen holder shaped like a stack of books...  Oh wait, maybe that last one is only me.

Anyway, I thought I'd dissect my desktop accoutrements and see what's truly odd or what I might have in common with the rest of you.  You know, like a treasure hunt...

Let's see.  In addition to my typical things, on my desk, I have:

- a pair of eyeglasses I never wear.
- a daily cartoon calendar (this year it's Maxine)
- a watch I never wear
- a little plastic Eeyore
- a stack of defunct calendar pages I use for scratch paper
- a paperweight commemorating a book discussion group I was in
- the remote for my little stereo
- two ChapSticks
- a coaster with a beach scene and my ever-present coffee mug. 

On top of my computer (it's a flat desktop model, not a tower):
- a framed photo of my parents at a party we threw for their 45th anniversary (because we knew Dad wouldn't live to see their 50th)
- an "All Things Considered" 20th anniversary coffee mug filled with caffeine candies*
- two really huge erasers that say "For BIG Mistakes"
- the aforementioned pen holder that looks like a stack of books
- and the hand-sanitizer, of course
- a metal mesh paper clip holder that has few paperclips in it, but a lot of other stuff (like my step-ometer and a pin that says "Why YES I am a nitcritty bitch")
- miscellaneous papers

How cluttered are you?  What's the most unusual thing on your desk?

*Coffee on the Go - "When you don't have time for coffee"  (Or I should say for when you need a boost but don't feel like making an entire pot because you're in the zone and don't want to step away from the keyboard.)


  1. I just straightened my desk yestday, but it still has a lot of crap on it. Most unusual/interesting? Might the piece of Bamburgh Castle I brought back from England. (I figured they wouldn't miss a little piece.)

  2. I'm not at school right now, so I can't say for sure what I have on my desk.

    Maybe once I'm back I'll be able to tell you =)