Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

So, this is one of the pumpkins we carved last night.  We thought that middle ridge looked so much like a nose, we decided to leave it alone and carve around it.  Daughter says it looks like Squidword (from Spongebob?). This one looks better in the light.  When it's lit, the nose disappears and the effect is just weird.

This is the other pumpkin.  He was my first foray into creative pumpin carving (sans creative carving tools, btw).  He looks like hell in the light, but once the candle inside is lit, he looks pretty good. 

Anyway, I hope everyone else's pumpkins turned out, or if you didn't carve a pumpkin, I hope the holiday is a good one for you.  And remember, there's usually discount candy at the stores tomorrow.  Yay!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.