Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Book Review

Man, it's been a while. Since I started this WIP, I haven't really been in the mood to read. Wrapped up in my own stories isn't such a bad thing, is it?

I wasn't planning on reading this week either, but then my librarian was showing me the new books that came in, and huzzah, Rampant by Diane Peterfreund was in there. Talk about a lucky break. She asked me if I wanted her to reserve it for me. Who me? GIMME GIMME!

As the grown-up incarnation of a little girl who collected all things unicorn, how could I not want to read a story that sets the entire mythology on its ear? I mean, blood-thirsty un-cute unicorns? Of course, I had to read it.

So what we've got here is a teenage girl who grew up with a mom she always thought was nuts. Seriously, if your mom spent all of your formative years telling horror stories involving unicorns, wouldn't you want to order her a padded room? Except Astrid's mother isn't nuts and the stories are true. When a little goat looking unicorn tries to kill her boyfriend, Astrid kinda has to admit her mom was right all along.

Next thing she knows, she's being packed off to Rome enrolled in some kind of unicorn hunter training camp. All she wants is to be a normal teen, but when a girl's got skills, she's got to use them. And these girls all have skills. They aren't a normal group of teens - not by a long shot - but without them, mankind is screwed.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Rampant. I'm not sure if it's for every teenager - and as always I recommend that the parent read first and judge for themselves whether their kid is up for it. There are sexual situations - even if the main players in the book are all virgins. There's also blood and gore. For my own part, I finished Rampant and handed it to my 16-yr old with the 'it's really good' recommendation.

Now for the FTC crap: I did not receive this book for free from Ms. Peterfreund, and I am not getting any goodies from her for posting this review. (Although if she wants to send me some, I wouldn't say no. LOL) As always, I post good reviews because I want to share the reading experience with my blog buddies and any others who may wander across this page. What I do have is a profound respect for Ms. Peterfreund as a writer and a person - a nice thing to have but not a reason to write a good review. The only reason for a good review here at The Writing Spectacle is that the book was good. Nuff said.

If you have some extra fundage, or a library with a generous staff, pick up a copy of Rampant. Enjoy the thrill of killer unicorns and the virgins who hunt them.

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