Monday, October 19, 2009

Shifting to Firefox

As much as I hate change, and this one's a doozy for me, I'm leaving IE. This old beast can't be taught new tricks anymore (i.e. Microsoft won't allow me to update IE and no one likes version 6 anymore), so I'm throwing out MS in favor of Mozilla. Firefox still likes Windows 2000. So there. =op

:kvetch: This wouldn't have been necessary if IE hadn't stopped 'seeing' my bookstore. :grumble:

Anyway, I'm still working the bugs out. For instance, Firefox isn't playing nice with Blogger at the moment. If I can't make everything work like I want it, I may have to use IE for blogging and Firefox for everything else.

Time saving devices? Well, most of the time. Today, this computer is a huge time suck.

How are things in your world?


  1. Pretty good on my end. I have a tempting bottle of wine in the fridge. I know it's gonna be a rough week so I might have to save it for a really rough day.


  2. Loads of people have trouble with IE. I dont know why, just luck (or not) of the draw I suppose.

    Things in my world are busy. Hectic. You know, the usual! Other than that I think its all going pretty well. The story is moving along, which is nice =]