Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Update

First off, this is the 200th post at this new blog.  It seems like only yesterday I switched from one to the other.  (And I still haven't formally shifted from the old one...  Lazy lazy me.)

This week has seen some good words hit the paper.  I closed out my 5 subject notebook, and started with a 70 pager (cuz that's all I had in the house).  My epiphany still hasn't made it into the story, but it's not due up for quite a while yet.  I'm thinking it's perfect for somewhere in the last third of the book.  We'll see. 

As for typing, I only hammered 3648 words into the computer this week.  With another 25+ pages left hand-written, I'd better get a move on.  Nightmares are made of flammable, irrecoverable words.  :shudder: 

Oh, and in the middle of those untyped pages is an idea for a new book.  (Seriously.  I scribbled a line under where I stopped in the story, wrote the idea out and scribbled another line to keep it separate from the rest of the story.)  I love it when that happens, but it's definitely distracting.

In other news, I'm liking the shift to Firefox.  Except for one thing.  I have to go back to IE to comment on some of my favorite blogs.  Silly programs.  I'll live with it.  Everything is so much prettier now that I upgraded to a compatible program.  Even blogger has new functions I could never get to with IE6.  Of course, Hubby came home while I was in the middle of wrestling with Firefox and told me to order a new computer.  Ummm, love to, but I'm not spending money on myself right now.  (Long story.)  I'll limp along with this old bird until it dies or until it's at least not functioning the way I need it to.  I can still blog and surf - albeit slowly - and I can still write.  It's all good.

Your turn:  What's up in your world this week?  Any epiphanies?  Any nightmares about losing your work? 


  1. I love Firefox! Nothing new except too much work and not enough time. Well, that's not new, is it?

  2. Speaking of switching, we are getting ready to change from Outlook to Lotus Notes at work. It's like going back in time.

  3. So far, I'm loving it, too. If you have even less work and less time, that's new.

    Ack, Amber! I didn't know they still made Lotus Notes. I worked with that back in the mid-nineties. It was a good program, but I can't imagine going back to it.

  4. Sounds like a lot of things going on for you. Your word count beats mine this week but then I'm busy editing. I'm gearing up an outline for NaNo and waiting on a partial, I'm praying it turns into a request for a full.

  5. The nightmare about losing work seems to be a constant companion of mine. I'm always backing up my files so that I don't lose anything!