Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday Fishing Report - 12/31/16

The last fishing report of the year and there's not much to report.  I got skunked every time I went out this past week.  Bank fishing is off for now, I guess.  We might try the boat if the weather is nice and see how that goes.  I will probably still bank fish whenever I can, but my expectations are low. 

Since I don't have any good fishing to report, I'd like to talk about gear. 

First off, my 'go bag' as Hubs calls it. 

In addition to my tackle box, which I'll get to in a minute, I carry a bag of stuff with me when I go fishing.  It's actually a book bag, but since I don't generally carry books around and if I did I have a nicer bag to use, I have altered the purpose.  It's just a burgundy tote with a little interior pocket - which makes it perfect for my purposes.  Inside I keep 1) a waterproof baggie with my fishing license, a travel size packet of tissues, a roll of antacids, and a tube of lip balm, 2) two hand towels for wiping worm and fish gunk off my hands, 3) a pair of gloves in case it gets cold, 4) a rubberized glove for touching really grody stuff, 5) a garbage bag for carry my fish to the car, 6) a smaller plastic grocery bag for garbage.  That stuff stays in the bag so I can grab it and go (hence the term 'go bag').  Before I leave I put my driver's license and $3 in the little pocket, so I don't have to carry my purse and leave it unprotected in my car.  That way I'm driving legal and can buy worms at $2.90/dz.  I also add in a bottle of water and the container of worms.

Next, I carry my tackle box.  It's a small tackle box.  One tray with like 7 slots for lures and things and a bottom part for other stuffs like a knife, a stringer, bobbers, hand sanitizer*, etc.  In the slots, there are 6 small ones and one long one.  The long slot is for pre-rigged hooks.  I affixed foam rubber on either side to keep the hooks untangled and the line lays in the middle.  I also keep a boxed Rapala top water lure in there to hold down the line so it doesn't get tangled in there.  The smaller slots are as follows: 1) pre-rigged artificials, 2) small lures and jigheads, 3) sinkers and swivels, 4) a crankbait lure, 5) two rattletrap lures, 6) spinner baits and buzzbaits, my little measuring tape, leaders.  Simple stuff.

The only other things I carry are my pretty pink Signature rod and reel combo.  I keep another rod and reel in the car in case of emergencies.  I don't want to get out there again, have my reel die, and have to drive all the way home.  Now, I just have to walk back to the car.  (And if I'm fishing a ways away from the car, I carry both rods.)

That's it for me.  Fishing made simple for the less than competent angler. 

Any questions?

*I carry hand sanitizer to disinfect wounds, not for general hand cleaning.  Like if I put a hook in my finger or a testy bluegill spears my hands with its spiny dorsal fins.  Anything bleeding is doused, so worm dirt and gunk doesn't get into the wound.  

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  1. Here's to better fishing in the new year!

    You might also want to throw in a small spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide for those small nicks and cuts, too.