Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 21

Here we are again with another week gone.  Another month gone.  Pretty darn close to halfway through the year.  Time flies whether you're having fun or not.

Still nothing on the writing or editing scale. 

I've been reading like crazy, though.  Four books last week.  Eleven so far for May.  I started another one last night and have one in the hopper - both of which I should get through before Thursday.  On a side note, my Kindle Fire keeps telling me I can't read the books I've paid for at Amazon because of DRM.  It tells me to delete the book and then go purchase it.  Umm, duh, I already purchased it.  I don't pirate books, you freaktards.  Thankfully, I have my old Kindle and it's not telling me I can't read those books. So, I'm switching over to the old model whenever I get those errors.

The deer are still preggers.

We had some freaknasty storms yesterday and last night.  All's well here at Sanderson Acres, but the area's getting hit hard this year.  I read this morning that Branson got 5" of rain last night with the flooding and junk that goes along with the much water all at once.  Like we need more rain.  Ugh.

I did go fishing last week, but didn't do the fishing report.  I only caught one fish anyway and it was too small.  I did get a tick, though.  Brought that home.  Hubs pulled it out for me because it was on my back in an unreachable spot.  Itches like a bad devil now.  (Yes, I cleaned it good and I'm keeping antiseptic cream on it.)

The summer people have arrived.  I'm hiding at home.  Those people are nuts.  Why do people go on vacation somewhere and lose all sense of courtesy and decorum?  If this is their normal behavior, I feel sorry for their neighbors wherever they call home.  Sheesh.

The upside to storms is that it keeps the partiers inside and quiet for the most part.

Oh, and we're getting red-headed woodpeckers in the yard this year.  I've seen them down the hill by the river, but never up here, so that's a win for me.  So pretty.

That's it for me.  What's up your world?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday This n That

It's time for my yearly physical again.  This morning.  At 8am.  Since I have to drive east to get there, I'm glad sunrise is at 6am this morning.  It's a bitch to drive into the sun.  Anyway, since I had the full meal deal physical last year, this morning is just a 'pat and chat' visit.  She'll come into the room, talk to me about how I'm feeling, and then give me a boob exam.  yay.

So, I hate doctors.  In a general sort of way.  I can remember an individual doctor here or there that I liked, but it's a small percentage considering how many doctors I've seen over the course of my life.  My physiatrist in Michigan?  He's awesome.  This general practitioner?  I give her a 2 on the 'hate scale' - (1 being low-hate and 10 being total-hate).  Since we developed an understanding, she's been pretty cool.  The understanding being I won't be letting them poke me for blood tests I don't think I need.  I had one doc in CO hold my shot hostage until I let her draw blood, the nurse there popped my vein, and the tests came out normal.  I relayed this story to the doc here and she said 'that's just so wrong' and she promised me she would never hold my shot hostage.  Yay.

For the record, I love the office staff and the nurse at my clinic.  Also, for the record, I feel great, so I don't anticipate this to be a long doctor visit.

My new drapes arrived yesterday and I put them up while Hubs was mowing the lawn.  They're very pretty, but they're too thin.  I wanted something less heavy than the black-out drapes we had, but this might be less privacy than we feel comfortable with.  :sigh:  Anyway, the ones for the living room are chocolate and the ones for the office are sage.  The office ones will stay.  We'll see about the living room ones.

The big does are all fat pregnant.  Poor things.  They look so uncomfortable.  But the pregger bellies are shifting toward the back, so they should be dropping fawns soon.  Yay fawns!

We had Carolina wrens nest under our sunroom this year.  They fledged out four of the cutest little buggers, who are now flitting around our yard eating bugs.  =o)

What's on your this n that today?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Old Paperbacks

A friend of mine who is well aware of my penchant for hard-boiled crime and old detective novels sent me a link to a sale they're having on Ellery Queen ebooks.  Which is awesome and thoughtful of her.  But I realized as I was looking through the listings, that I prefer old paperbacks for those kinds of novels.

Don't get me wrong.  I love ebooks.  But there's something about reading old crime novels in paperback - in the original editions if at all possible.  The smell of the old pages and the feel of the worn and dirty covers just seems to lend itself to the reading of a gritty crime story.  For me, anyway.

Ebooks, for me, are for new novels.  And for classics (because sometimes those classics are huge and ungainly and hard to hold, ya know?)  I'll sit for hours holding my Kindle reading the latest from my favorite authors, or an interesting new author, but for some reason, I can't envision myself hip-deep in a crime story on an ereader.  Oh, I could probably get over it, but right now, I don't have to, so I won't.

The other day, after certain birthday prezzies arrived, I found myself looking through the Amazon listings, trying to find an old copy of I, The Jury (because my copy is falling apart and I'd like to read it again).  Nope.  People must be holding onto those with both hands because they just aren't available - at least not for a reasonable price.  I could've gotten an ecopy, but the thought just felt weird.

Maybe I'm weird.  (Okay, quit giggling... I am weird.)  I do love me some old books.  And I circle the used book stores like a vulture looking for any old crime novels I can find.  Every once in a while it's a HUZZAH! and I find one I've been hoping for.  Heh, I think that's part of the reasoning, too.  The treasure hunt of finding the books.  :happy sigh:

There's just something about an old paperback that makes me happy.

What about you?  Still reading paperbacks or have you switched to ebooks? 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 20

I'm pretty sure it's Week 20, so I'm going with it.

I have been a total slug, but here's what last week looked like...

I decided I'm not going to talk about writing for a while - at least until I pull my head out of my exit orifice.  Not sure how I'll manage marketing if I'm not talking about writing, but it doesn't really matter because my marketing efforts haven't been working anyway. 

I read a lot.  I only finished two books, so it might not look like a lot, but one of those was a historical novel, so that took many hours.  And I'm most of the way through a chunky crime novel now.  A Mickey Spillane, which I usually inhale, but this one is a little outside my comfort zone.  And a little disappointing really.  It feels almost like the editors in 1972 told Mickey to sex it up and he complied in a way that made it all so very nasty and crass.  Perhaps a passive-aggressive attempt to tell the editorial board to fuck off.  But the story is still pretty good, so I'm cringing through the nasty to get to the actual Spillane awesome.  Still, I'm thinking this book is only going to get 3 stars.  =o\

Fishing has been spotty because the weather is heating up and the sun's been out, which I think is bringing other people out to the very limited places to fish.  I like to fish alone, tyvm.  Then we had storms that dumped about 2.5 inches of rain.  Now the lake, which was slowly going down, is going back up again.  Bleh.

I had a nice, quiet birthiversary.  Ate lots of cake and ice cream.  And I'm officially 47 now.  (Usually after New Years Day, I start shifting my age in my head. so I've been thinking of myself as 47 for months now.)

Well, I think that's about it for me this week.  How was your Week 20?  Anything good on the horizon for Week 21?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 5/20/17

Welcome once more to the Fishing Report. 

It's still pretty floody around here.  The lake was dropping, but with more rain yesterday and forthcoming, I don't see it going down any time soon.  The good news as of Thursday was that the road to one of my fishing spots has been re-opened.  (Good thing for all those people who live up there, too.  Now they can drive the direct pavement instead of the dirt backroads.)

What happened last week... let's see...

I went out on Monday, I think.  Cleared some more detritus out of the road at my go-to spot, but on a different part.  The bluegills were biting, but the bass were bored with worms.  I mean, I could literally see bass ignoring my bait.  Casting out underneath the trees caught me three 8-9" bluegills.  They all went back.

Back out again on Thursday.  I tried going to a few different spots first thing in the morning.  The first one up under the bridge on the main lake: The parking lot is above water which meant it was full of trucks and trailers.  The only place I thought I might be able to stand and cast out was a poison ivy garden.  The next spot was a state park I'd fished in last week, except now they're 'open' and charging $5 to enter, so I left.  Plenty of free places to fish.  As often as I fish, I'd be broke if I fished there.  Went exploring some of my usual regular spots and found that road open, so I went to the top of the peninsula.  The parking lot is above water, but just barely.  I cast out from there, but it was super sunny and getting hot.  No luck.  Then I went to another, semi-hidden spot.  The water was up to the sign that says 'Lake Ahead'.  Which means the parking lot is totally flooded.  I made a 7-point turn in the road and left.  Off to my go-to spot again.  Got some solid hits there, casting out into the parking lot, but was unable to seal the deal.  Left about noon.

Update on the reel saga.  The shiny-new Plueger is dead.  Thus, to avoid wasting more money on shit that breaks, I went back and taught myself how to use that damn Abu Garcia I had so much trouble with.  Umm, once you get the hang of it, it's really a good reel.  Derp.  So, I'm using that and an old spincaster Hubs had.  The Abu Garcia is great when I have loads of room to cast and the spincaster is great for when I'm in a tighter spot - like when I was casting under those trees on Monday.  (Mainly because or rod length, I guess.  The Abu is on a 6.5' rod and the old spincaster is on a 5.5' rod.)  Anyway, it's all good now, baby.

I'd tell you to get out and enjoy nature, but the weather is weird, so do what you can.  Until next week, Hasta la bye-bye.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday This n That

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately.  Every time I sit down to write a blog post lately, it's either ranting or whining.  Bleh.

It's my birfday today.  I'm going to make myself some big, fat, freakin' cheeseburgers.  And follow it up with chocolate cake and peanut butter ice cream.  Or maybe I'll have the cake and ice cream first.  Because I'm an adult and I can do whatever I want to do.  (At least when it comes to food.)

Speaking of food, I weighed myself yesterday.  183.  Two pounds up from the low, but I'm cool with that.  It's better than the 195 I was sitting at at the beginning of 2016.  It's probably two pounds of Easter candy and Big Pack Nutty Buddies.  (If you haven't tried the 'Big Pack' yet, there aren't more in the package - there's more peanut butter in between the wafers.  So good.  The Big Pack Oatmeal Creme Pies are evil.  Bigger cookies, more creme.)  And the fact that I haven't been fishing as much lately because of the flooding doesn't help matters. Sitting and reading doesn't burn calories, ya know?

Speaking of flooding, it's slowly coming down.

Yesterday was our anniversary.  Thirteen years of wedded bliss.  No matter what crap has gone on in the last 13 years, we've had each other and our love and commitment to each other.  He's the best thing that ever happened to me.  Last night, he grilled me salmon for dinner.  And we had vanilla cake and ice cream (PB for me, cherry for him). 

Lest you think I have multiple cakes laying around the house, I bought a cake sampler at Wallyworld.  Four different kinds of creme cake, each section big enough for two slices.  Perfect.

Yeah, I'm pretty much a snack hedonist.  Like right now we have a big bowl of mini-candybars on the dining room table, alongside a bowl of leftover Robin's Eggs.  Then we have bags of peanut M&Ms in the cupboard - regular and mega. (They were on clearance.)  With Oatmeal Creme Pies and these things called Red, White, and Blueberry rolls.  (OMG, if you haven't tried them...)  We have donuts and cake.  Right now, there are three kinds of ice cream in the freezer, along with the remains of a box of Klondike Bars and a few ice cream sandwiches.  And a cupboard shelf full of chips - offbrand Doritos, Cheetos, and Fritos, Chex Mix, Lays Stax Bacon Cheese something or other.  We don't usually have this much crap, but it's been one of those years.  Good thing I've been staying active and out of the house a lot.  LOL

I am a sucker for clearance items. 

Okay, so today's this n that was mostly about food.  I'd say it meant I was hungry, but I'm not.  It's too early to think about eating.  Mornings are for coffee.  Am I right?

What's your this n that today?  What are your favorite kinds of snacks?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 19?

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

Another week ended yesterday and I really don't have a lot to show for it.

You really don't want to hear about the writing malaise and I really don't want to talk about it.  It's here.  It is what it is.  I'm sick of it and I'm sick of myself.  Nuff said.

I read two books last week.  I would've read more but one of them was a fantasy, which means large and involved. 

I did some outdoor work and some fishing.  Speaking of which, some of the work I did was undone by other people.  It wasn't unexpected and it was something I feared would happen.  But bleh.  I could rant, but that's all I seem to be capable of lately and I'm sick of that, too.

The deer here are fat pregnant.  I can't wait until we start seeing fawns again.

The birds are still migrating through, but the ones who left for winter all back and the ones who came for the winter have left. 

The week ahead is my birthiversary week.  We're not doing anything for either, just like we're not doing anything for Mother's Day.  But I'll be 47 and we'll have been married for 13 years.  And 24 years ago today, I was pregnant with the Kid. 

That's it for me.  Please tell me something about your week.  Did you accomplish stuff?