Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thursday This n That - Two Days Early

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, I decided to move the this-n-that post to today. 

I just got faked out by the cat.  She was sitting in the corner acting like something was totally interesting and looking all over like it was getting ready to attack her (or she was getting ready to attack it).  Total kwazy kat.  So, we both go over there, turn on the big light, and look - thinking perhaps it was a spider or a cricket.  Nothing.  Hubs goes on about his business, as do I.  A minute later, we look and the cat is gone.  He guessed she went to the bedroom when we weren't looking.  I posited she was pointing out a rip in the fabric of time and space, and that's where she went.  He's probably right, but my answer was more fun.

The above is probably why some people believe cats can see ghosts, btw.  Crazy-ass animals.  LOL

Despite my assertion that I would not be raking leaves this year, I did rake leaves.  Hubs mulched most of them, but I needed the exercise, so I raked them to where he was mulching them.  Now we have nothing more to rake, which kaputs my outdoor exercise routine.  Guess I'll just have to start raking the trails in the woods again.  I've got to do something - my ever-widening ass is getting out of hand again.

Despite my assertion that fishing is exercise, it's not really exercise.  Not since the lake came back up anyway.  Last year I had the opportunity to walk all over the place and fish.  Now, not so much.  Stand here, sit there, walk a little. 

Crap.  I just remembered something I was supposed to do yesterday that I didn't.  You see, I had a bunch of spreadsheet come in that needed work and I was wrapped up in that, so I didn't get the thing I was supposed to do yesterday done.  No excuse, but I really better go do that. 

What's on your this n that today?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 46

It's Sunday.  I have coffee. 

I did write a little this past week.  Not much and nothing to jump up & down about, but it's words.

I sent a book off to my editor.  She'll have it back to me on Dec 15th.  Working with that timeline and expected workload with this book, I'm setting a tentative release date as February 12th.  Could be sooner, but probably not.  Could be later, but I don't anticipate by much.

Meanwhile, I have Early Grave to edit and Sleeping Ugly to edit and this Dennis Haggarty Mystery to write.  There's my 2018 in a nutshell.

I spent some time trying to think of a title for DH3.  In keeping with the theme of the previous two books, I have the following ideas: Malice Aforethought, Self-Inflicted Wounds, Involuntary Manslaughter, Apparent Suicide, and Malicious Intent.  I know.  Meh.  Self-Inflicted Wounds gives me an awesome idea of where the story might go.  Malicious Intent sounds the best, I think.  It may be none of those.  As I'm doing my genealogy, I'm paying special attention to Death Records to see if any of them give me title ideas.  So far, no.  Bronchial pneumonia, nephritis, or 'run over by a wagon' just don't have the right rings to them.

This week I have a sale on Dying Embers and Fertile Ground - 99c or .99p each (I remembered to add in the UK this time).  They'll go on sale the 21st and be back to $2.99 on  Monday the 27th.  I also snagged some advertising, so we'll see how that goes.

I did some fishing, but it was unproductive.  Nice mental breaks, but no fish worth mentioning.

Did some reading, but only finished one book - The Boomerang Clue by Agatha Christie.  Fun book.  Right now, I'm in the middle of The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks.  I read this years ago, but I don't remember much of it, so it's like reading a new book. 

This past week was filled with trying to tackle my to-do list, upon which are many many cleaning tasks.  And as I get one done, I find another I need to do, so it's like the perpetually growing to-do list.  But sooner or later, it will all get done. 

This year, Hubs is mulching the leaves instead of us raking them.  So at least there's not that on my list.  He's about half done.  I'd help, but I hate the lawn mower and the feeling is mutual. 

That's about it for me today.  What's up in your world?  Did any of you release a book this week?  :hint hint, nudge nudge: :cough:deb:cough:

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 11/18/17

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report.

It was a busy week.  I was mistaken about the fall fishing starting.  Either that or it ended without my noticing.  The temperatures took a turn for the warmer and the fish are confused, just like last year.  Still, I had to keep trying.

I went out five times this past week, and didn't really have anything to show for it.  Little bluegills not worth bringing home.  I did, however, spend some time getting used to fishing with lures.  Big lures, little lures, deep divers, topwaters, whopper ploppers (or whatever they're called).  The works.

You see, I'd picked up some new lures at Walmart.  Two to a pack for $3.  I got a hit on this one that was silver and gold with a black stripe.  Long and skinny like a pike minnow.  Good thing I had two, though, because I lost that one pretty quick when it dove and got hung up on the rocks.  I also got a hit on a fat black and white thing with a pink throat and a longer bill.  (Hubs lost that one a day later.)  One of the whopper ploppers attracted the attention of a big bass who blew up from underneath it, but I didn't seal the deal.  I didn't know whether to stop reeling or keep reeling.  I stopped.  Hubs said stopping was the right idea, but then I should've jiggled it to let the bass think it was still alive.  Live and learn.

Then I was at Walmart again.  Still had lures on sale, so I bought some to replace the lost ones and a bunch more because buying lures is a sickness.  They're so sparkly.  I only spent $20 for 11 lures, though, so it's all good. 

Anyway, it's all good because I was out at the lake and the area is beautiful, and I'm learning.  Sooner or later, I will catch a fish on a lure.  Guaranteed.  Or I won't and I'll be okay with that, too.  ;o)

See y'all next week, hopefully with some stories of the fat hogs I brought home. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday This n That

Where did the week go?  I totally missed posting Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was like those days just blipped by.  Derp. 

I spent most of Tuesday working on spreadsheet stuff for the other jobby-doodle thing.  Wrote my first 'if/then' statement in 20 years.  Too bad I didn't remember how to do it and it was a bigger chore than it should have been.  If e6 is greater than X, then subtract X from E6 and multiply the answer by .05 and multiply that answer by .1, return the answer in the cell.  If it isn't greater, than return an answer of zero.  Which looks like this: If (E6>X, ((E6-X)*.05)*.1),0).  With X changing for different conditions, depending on a set of parameters.  I finally came up with that right answer while attempting to take a nap.  Needless to say, I never got my nap.  Got the spreadsheet done, though.  Yay.

My to-do list is pathetic.  Eleven items and only 3 have been crossed off.  And I made the damn list on Monday.  I made suet, I dusted the office, and I swept the floors.  Today, I have to vacuum and do some spot cleaning on the carpet.  I need to pick a nice warmish day to do the windows.  And I really have to clean the fridge before Thanksgiving... gah, before I put the frozen turkey in it, so this morning because I'm buying the turkey today. 

It's really foggy here this morning.  So, the trip to Wallyworld will be put off until the fog clears.  It's dangerous enough driving around here on a nice day, with all the crazy drivers out there, without the fog adding to it.

Speaking of crazy drivers, we've really been noticing the number of people who are driving off one side of the road or the other this year.  Two or three times a week there's something in the news about someone driving off the right side of the road, striking a tree or a ditch or a culvert, or crossing over and driving off the left side of the road, striking a tree or rolling over or something.  Seriously, is it that difficult to stay between the yellow line and the white line?  Seems to be so.  I blame distracted driving. 

I'm this close to picking a special project for my editor to attack.  I'm just having a tough time choosing between two manuscripts.  Both are awesome and both have their own special traits to move them to the honored spot, but I have to pick one.  Which one will go first?  I still haven't decided, but I promised her I'd get her something today, so I better pick soon. 

Okay, that's enough out of me.  If I sit here, I'll never get anything done.  Later days, dudes. 

What's up in your world?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 45

Well, once again it's Sunday.  Another week flying by without a great deal to show for it.  But, even so, it wasn't like there was nothing to show for it, so here goes...

I actually sat down with my handy dandy red pen and notebook, and wrote words last night.  Writing by hand is kind of a bear, so it wasn't a lot of words, but it's a start.  I really need to think of a title for this, but right now, it's Dennis Haggarty #3.  I'm pretty pleased with what I put down on paper.  We'll get that transferred to the computer sometime soon and then type in earnest.

As for the above, I have the beginning and the general gist, but I have no clue where the path will lead, who the killer will be, or how Dennis will stop him/her/it.

In reading news, I finished Silver James' The Sound of Silence.  It was wicked awesome!  And I read the 7th book in SL Viehl's StarDoc series - Plague of Memory.  It was the last of my unread books in that 10 book series.  Now that I'm reading them in order, the 8th book should make more sense.  I remember being really confused when I started that one - because there are things that happen in #6 and #7 that are kind of game changers. 

I went fishing 6 times last week - over 5 days.  And I went yesterday.  Nothing to really brag about.  Hopefully I'll catch something big soon.  Another 22" walleye like last November would be awesome.

We had a fox in the yard.  In case you don't follow me on FB (or don't do FB), here are the two pictures that turned out:

We also had turkeys in the yard for the first time in months.  A rafter of 8 hens has been stopping by for corn and acorns. 

In other nature news, firearm deer hunting season started yesterday.  Keep your fingers crossed our deer make it through without becoming someone's dinner.  And for the record, I have no problems with hunting - as long as it's done responsibly and legally.  Poachers should have a special place reserved for them in hell.  Jus' sayin'.

I also got my shot last week, so I should be sane for another 3 months.  (For varying definitions of sane. LOL)

And that's about it for me this week.  How's things with you?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 11/11/17

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report.  I did kind of a bare-bones report this week.

Saturday -morning by myself at the go-to spot.  5 little bluegills and one little green sunfish.  Nothing to crow about.

Sunday - afternoon with Hubs at the go-to spot - We each caught a couple bluegills.  Hubs caught a couple spotted bass too small to keep and I caught one 10" spotted bass.  It was a gorgeous day, though.

Monday - it was cold and rainy all day, so I stayed home.

Tuesday - morning by myself at the park - caught 3 8-9" bluegills and one little green sunfish.  Kept 2 of the bluegills.  The first bluegill was easily 8" but as I was reeling it in, I noticed a sizeable bass chasing it, so I threw it back and concentrated on catching the bass.  Lures, fake little fishes, worms... to no avail.

Wednesday - morning by myself at the go-to spot.  It was blustery and cold with the wind coming out of the north, which made casting pretty gnarly.  I did manage to catch a 13" spotted bass who was hanging out in a minor cove about 6' from shore and about 3' deep.  I also caught a couple small bluegills.  Froze my buns off, but it was a good morning.

Wednesday - afternoon with Hubs at the go-to.  We didn't catch a ding-dang thing except one little bluegill, but Hubs did go wading and retrieve two of my lost bobbers (one with rig intact) and a lure he lost.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and we had fun, so it's all good.

Thursday - I had adulty stuff to do.

Friday - I was going to go out in the morning.  I mean, it was gorgeous looking out.  Then I checked the temperature.  32F.  Umm, no.  I love to fish, but I am not prepared to actually freeze yet this year. Now, if it had been 40F+...  ;o)

That's it for me for last week.  I hope you all have an awesome week to come.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday This n That

The geese are really on the move now.  We hear flocks of honkers on a daily basis.  Sometimes I even get to see them.  A small flock of Canada Geese was paddling its way up the lake the other day when I noticed one of them looked really weird.  As in white.  It was a single snow goose swimming along with the Canada ones.  Too cool.

I won ten dollars in last night's Show Me Cash lottery drawing.  Only spent $7, so I'm ahead by $3 this time.  (Behind by a whole bunch if you go cumulative on me.)

My record of falling once per year got shot yesterday when I was out at the lake and the rock I'd stepped on to walk across from one spot to the other, a rock I had walked on previously at least a dozen times, decided it no longer wanted to be where it was and slid out from under me.  No injuries this time.  I'm getting better at falling.  I guess if you do it enough, you're bound to get better at it.  Sorry Hubs had to see that one.  Poor guy worries enough about my graceless ass when he has to see the aftermath.  Personally, I think that rock had it in for me.  Hell, he'd used that rock to walk across a few times himself.  I'm glad it was me and not him that ended up getting dumped on the ass.  And I'm glad I didn't fall further to the right or I would've ended up in the river.  Whew.

My local favorite park is officially in winter mode.  Very few campers.  No on-site hosts.  No running water either, which limits me to the non-flush bathroom, but hey, better than no bathroom.  Anyway, I was the only one in the whole park the other day.  It was awesome. 

The time change has me totally messed up again.  I managed to make it all the way to 8:45pm last night (formerly 9:45, which is way past my bedtime) but I woke up at 4am this morning.  I stayed in bed for another thirty minutes, but still...  Blech.

Speaking of time change, animals don't get it.  So, to that end, Kira kitty is now being fed at 6am and 6pm because trying to feed her an hour later than she expects ain't happening.  Back when I was in CO, I remember someone telling me how hard it was to shift the cows at the feed lot over to the time change feeding schedule.  One hundred thousand cows.  All expecting to be fed an hour earlier than the silly humans were feeding them.  Wouldn't it have been easier to adjust the feeding schedule than try to adjust all those cows?  Jus' sayin'.

What's on the this n that radar for you today?