Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 16

It's that time again. 

I really don't have anything to update in the way of writing or writerly things.  I haven't touched WHTF.  I haven't done any marketing for NC.  I'm not even thinking about EG or any of the other books waiting to be written/finished.  Bleh.

I read one book - The Thirteenth Man by JL Doty.  It was epic, so it took a while, even though I couldn't put it down.  I'm in the process of re-reading Calumet K by Samuel Merwin and Henry Webster now.  I read it years ago.  It's a pretty awesome book with a very simple premise.

I went fishing a few times.  Then the rain hit and the temps dropped.

The rain... Man, it rained a lot.  I'm not sure how many inches total we got, but the lake level is up 5 feet from Friday morning and the Army Corp of Engineers is dumping water out the other end.

Most of the week was consumed with worrying about the cat.  Kira wasn't peeing the way she usually does.  Monday afternoon, she was meowing and spending a lot of time going in-n-out of the litterbox with nothing to show for it.  Tuesday morning, she was fine.  Tuesday afternoon, she was doing the thing again, so I called to get her in to the vet.  Wednesday morning, she was fine, so I cancelled.  She was fine again until Friday morning when I had no choice but to drive her to the vet in the pouring rain.  We didn't have an appointment, so I had to leave her all day and they'd get to her between appointments and emergencies.  They finally called about 3pm and said I could pick her up at 4:30.  Got there, and they were still running tests.  The blood work came out fine, but she does have a urinary tract infection.  Antibiotics for 7 days and an anti-inflammatory to keep her comfortable.  Yes, I should've just ignored her 'getting better' on Wednesday and taken her in.  Live and learn.  She'll really get better now.  As a preventive for the future, she's getting more wet food and some urinary tract formula dry food (if she ever decides to eat it).  If nothing else, we learned that despite her being overweight (14.6 lbs) and almost 14 years old, all her organs are in perfect working order.  She's fat and lazy, but she's healthy.  Or will be once we get this UTI kicked.

That's it for me.  What have you been up to lately?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 4/22/17

Hello again and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers...

Easter Sunday - Yes, I went fishing on Easter.  We ate early and then it was just another day here, so I went to my go-to spot.  Anyway, the place was way busier than I thought it would be.  When I first arrived, some dude was hitting golf balls into the creek while his two small children stood at the edge of the parking area.  Then, once his friends had their boat ready, off they all went.  I took my gear and went to some ledges overlooking the river.  The bluegills were voracious little worm stealing bastards.  I caught 4 of them using just shy of a dozen worms.

Toward the end of my fishing excursion, a teenage boy on a wave runner decided he was going to sit in the river across from where I was fishing and fuck around.  He did donuts.  He waited for boats to come by so he could jump their wakes.  He was generally making an ass of himself.  Then he got bored and started trying to run over the Canada geese.  I was so pissed, but ultimately impotent.  Lucky for the geese, they're smarter and faster than that little shit, so no one got injured.

Monday - There was nothing on TV and I didn't feel like doing anything, so I went fishing.  Got out to the lake about 3pm and went to the park first.  Caught two bluegills about 6 or 7", but I was on a west facing shore and it was getting hot there, so I moved to the other side of the park where there was shade.  Nada.  Soooo, I moved to my go-to spot.  Got there about 5:30pm and cast out toward the point of where the creek meets the river.  Not long after I caught an 11" spotted bass.  Cast out again and almost landed a larger spotted bass (maybe 13"), but it got off about a foot from shore.  My fault for trying to horse it.  Then the bites there stopped, so I moved to somewhere I could sit and the bluegills were tearing me up.  Caught one of those *about 6"), but the rest were too wily. Left there about 7pm.

I found a lure on the east side of the park.  A little baby shad rattletrap.  I thought I'd try it when I got to the go-to spot.  Cast out, reeling slow, but nothing was interested, so I reeled in fast.  Just as I  got it almost to the ledge where I was standing, a big hog of a bass swooped out from the depths by the ledges headed for the lure.  It turned away at the last minute and I couldn't get him interested again.  That's the closest I've come to catching anything with a lure.  Ever.

Thursday - I went out in the morning, but I had some errands to run before I went fishing.  Then I got chatting with a friend of mine and never did get to the lake.  Lucky for me, it was still pretty good fishing weather in the afternoon - rainy, cloudy, warm.  And I managed to get Hubs out with me, so it was even better.  We got out about 4pm.  First thing, he gets a 10-11" spotted bass.  I moved over near him and was catching bluegills.  One time I was reeling in to check whether the bluegills had stolen my worm and two big spots followed my bait in.  Another time, I caught a 6" bluegill and when I threw it back in the water, a big bass came out from under the rock and tried to eat it.  So, I convinced Hubs to put a lure on and try that spot.  Nothing.  I put a fake fish on and tried.  Nothing.  Back to worms.  Caught an 8" bluegill, but threw him back because I didn't feel like cleaning gills.  A little while after that, caught another bluegill, threw it back, and damned if that big bass didn't try to eat it, too.  The whole time, I was seeing that damned spotted bass swimming back and forth in front of me, about 3-4' from shore and less than that deep.  Rude.  We left about 6:15pm and I told that fish I'd get him next time.  ;o)

That was it for me for the week.  We'll see what the next week brings.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday This n That

I did not win the $234K in last night's drawing.  Not a single freakin' number.  No one won, though, so it's up to $267K.  But since I have nowhere to go today, I won't be buying more tickets.

Out of 9 hollyhock bulbs I planted, 7 are poking their leaves through the soil now.  Not sure if the last two are duds or if they're just shy.

The big poison ivy patch on the neighboring property decided to make a foray into our yard this year.  I made a foray of my own onto the other property and sprayed holy-hell out of the closer patch, then worked my way back, spraying the ever-lovin' shit out of any poison ivy I saw.  As of this morning, it was all wilting nicely.  If it bounces back, I bought more herbicide specifically designed for PI (regular herbicide doesn't work).  But I'm not worried.  I've killed all the PI in the yard and near the yard over the past 4 years, I'll kill this, too.

Like 15% of people are immune to poison ivy.  I am one of them.  Hubs is hyper sensitive to it.  So, I am determined to kill all of that shit and keep him from going through that.

A person can lose their immunity.  We'll see in the next few days whether my immunity still holds.  If not, I might have itchy ankles.  I tried really hard not to touch any of the stuff, but it's possible I might've brushed against stuff with my bare ankles.  Fingers crossed.

Okay, that's it for me.  What's it for you?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Every year about this time, we get one hen turkey who didn't join in the breeding festivities.  We have no way of knowing if it's the same turkey or a different turkey every year.  Since there really isn't much of a chance of distinguishing one turkey from the next, we simply call any hen we see by itself LT.  (Lone Turkey.)

Natural imperative being what it is, the big tom turkey - we call him Hans - doesn't recognize that she isn't interested.  All he knows is he didn't breed with her yet.  So, she'll be standing there eating corn and up he'll come on the trails through the woods.  He gobbles at her.  She ignores him.  He pumps himself up.  She ignores him.

Eventually either he gives up and goes away, or she gets sick of his antics and leaves.  Somewhere down the road, he learns his lesson and gives up entirely, leaving her to eat in peace for the remainder of the season.  Or until the hens currently absent because they're sitting nests return to the corn.  Then she has friends again.

Or she doesn't.  It's just as likely for her to eschew the companionship of the other hens, too.  She's her own bird, after all.

Personally, I like her.  Out there in the woods, doing her own thing.  Kinda like me*.  LOL

*Except I have my tom, and we both do our own thing.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 15

First, I hope y'all either had or are continuing to have a Happy Easter - whether you celebrate it or not.  Mine's pretty much over - we ate muchly of the ham and that's about it - so time to get back to regularly scheduled programming.


I took last week off for the most part.  With Natural Causes released and everything, and WHTF not due anywhere any time soon, I did next to nothing in the work department.  Oh, I did some marketing because AD was on sale.  (Still is through tonight.)  And I did some marketing because NC is a new release.  But not much.

Anyway, Friday I did work on some WHTF edit notes.  Then I got tired and went to bed.  One page of those checked off.

Did a bit of fishing.

Got quite a bit of reading done.  Looking back, I finished 5 books last week.  Make Them Pay by Allison Brennan, Good Bad and Sexy by Jennifer Lyon, Dead Before Dying by Kerry Schafer, The Delta Factor by Mickey Spillane, and Call of Duty by Louis Scott.  Only Louis Scott was new to me.  I'm now one book ahead of schedule on Goodreads.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Everything is doing its thing in the gardens.  Blooming: Irises, Dutch Irises, Azaleas, Bugle Weed, Roses, lily-of-the-valley, marigolds, snapdragons.  Soon to bloom: peonies, columbine, more roses, hydrangea, more irises.  Everything has leaves now.  My new hollyhocks are finally starting to poke up through the ground.  The new bulbs are still shy.  The new lavender?  It's hard to tell whether that's doing anything.

We have a new bunny in the yard.  BunBun2.  Although, there might be two of the bunbuns.  It's hard to tell, but I think the one we saw in the front yard is not the same one who came up on our porch.

That's it for me.  How's about you?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 4/15/17

Hello again and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.

Sunday - Got out early and hit the lake about 7am.  I went to a cove I know of with loads of standing timber, off a feeder creek to the main lake.  Caught one 12" spotted bass.  Then I got hung up.  I broke the line and the bobber just bobbed there, still attached to the rig.  Too far to reach.  I went back to the tackle box to re-rig and out of the corner of my eye, I see the bobber disappear then a couple seconds later, it pops back up.  Damn it.  So, I finish rerigging and start fishing again, but that damn bobber was driving me nuts.  I took my worm rig off and put a lure on.  First cast, I snagged the line with the irritating bobber.  The whole thing reeled right in, easy as pie.  No worm, of course.  I guess whatever took the bobber down unsnagged the rig for me.  Not long after, the wind picked up, so I moved.  Didn't catch a ding-dang thing over there, so I went home.

Between one spot and the other, I stopped by the bait shop.  Since I was there, I thought I'd ask the gal if I could use her bathroom and save myself the extra trip into the park.  She told me I could and where to find it.  As I was headed into the deep dark recesses of the bait shop, I noticed a big sign - No Public Restroom.  After I finished, I thanked her for bending her rules for me.  And she told me why she put up the sign.  A while back, she used to let everyone use her bathroom.  Then some people in a brand new red pickup truck (she stressed the 'brand new red' part) used her facilities with their children.  After they left, the bathroom was trashed.  (I won't go into details like she did. Suffice it to say, they were disgusting.)  Now, only people she really knows - frequent flyers like me - get to use the bathroom.  Why people have to do stuff like what those folks did escapes me. Pigs.  I told the gal, 'if I trashed your bathroom, I'd never be able to come in here again', she said 'you could still come in here, I just wouldn't let you use my bathroom', and I said, 'No.  I'd be too ashamed of myself to ever come back'.  Not sure if those people ever came back.   Probably not, because she would've given them an earful and made them ashamed, if they weren't already.  Sheesh.

Monday - Went to the go-to spot because I was feeling lazy.  Caught two bluegills - a 6" and a 4".

Tuesday - Tried a place I haven't been to in months.  The ledges I had fished from are underwater now.  But I did have some luck at a place where I'd caught bass before.  12.5" spotted bass.  Then nature called and I went to the park.  No luck there at all.  Too much crap in the water still.  I did manage to land a 2' circular piece of black plastic there, though.  Like a garbage can lid, but not.  Man, that sucker fought hard.  It was like landing a sea turtle.  But I did get it out of the water and managed to frisbee it up to where the park cleaners will find it.  And if it's still there when I have a big garbage bag with me, I'll get it myself.

Friday - Back to the Tuesday location.  The water's even higher.  I started out about quarter to 8am.  Fished deep.  Fished shallow.  Threw out as far as I could.  Walked up and down the ledges.  Went down the beach a pace or two.  Nothing.  Back to the ledges, as deep as I could set the bobber and as close as I could safely let it float without it getting hung up on the rocks.  Got a nibble, set the hook, and danged if it didn't feel like I was hung up under that damn rock it was near, so I jerked a little.  And then the fight was on.  That bass must've taken the worm and then sheltered behind that rock until I jerked him loose.  When I landed him, he was a spotted bass measuring in at 14".  Same spot about 10 minutes later, I set the hook which promptly curled my line around the end of the pole.  Made reeling fun, but I was still pretty sure I had something on.  I did.  3.5-4" green sunfish.  I would've used him as bait, but he was too damn pretty.  The biting stopped right there, so I moved farther down the ledges.  About 3-4' off a big submerged rock, I got nailed.  Landed an 8" bluegill.  Nothing else, but that one fish joined the other 3 I'd caught previously for a Friday night fish fry.

That's all for me this past week.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the exploits.  Until next week.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday This n That

I haven't been to a McDonald's in ages.  Until yesterday.  Thus, it was the first time I'd seen the updated nutrition crap.  Next to each menu item is the caloric content of said item.  As if seeing how many calories a cheeseburger is would stop me somehow from placing an order for one.  I got two and a medium chocolate shake.  Ate the burgers in the car between errands and washed them down with the shake.  As an aside, why is McDonald's now putting whipped cream and a cherry on their shakes?  It's a drink, not dessert. Sheesh.

Which reminds me.  In Utah, shakes are super thick, so you can't drink them.  Really inconvenient for drive-thru when they hand you a shake and a spoon.  "What the hell am I supposed to do with this??  If I'd wanted a Frosty, I'd have gone to Wendy's."  Which explains why they looked at me weird the first time I ordered a shake and asked for a straw because they forgot to provide me one.

Yesterday was a road trip day.  I had to get the car's tags renewed.  Half hour up to the county seat.  But first, I had to get my car's safety inspection renewed.  But first, I had to dig up my personal property tax receipts from the last two years.  Slid all that into a file along with my insurance card and off I went.  My usual inspection site only has one certified inspector, and he was out sick.  It's not rocket surgery, but it has to be done by a certified inspector.  (The inspection consists of making sure all the lights work - headlights, turn signals, flashers, reverse lights. And that the horn beeps.  That's it.)  So, I go home.  Find another certified inspector and off I go again.  Get that done.  Head up to 'town' wherein I have to wait for a half hour for someone certified to flash all my lights.  The whole time I'm in the waiting room with a woman who can't stop jujetding.  Juh-je-ding?  Anyway, bouncing her knee up and done.  Which wouldn't have been bad but she was obese and the floor was less than stable and she was shaking the chairs.  Then she started tapping her ring against the metal of her cane.  Tap tap tap, tap tap tap... all the while creating a 4.5 earthquake.  I was seasick and on my last nerve.  I went out for a cigarette.  The other inmate of the insane asylum went out for a smoke, too, and we have a lovely chat.  But by then I was getting hangry.  Hence, McD's.  The DMV actually only took like 5 minutes, which was awesome.  The actual driving was smooth and uneventful.  My side-trip to buy cigarettes also quick.  I got home an hour earlier than Hubs expected me.  And I was still ranting about the juhjeder. 

Don't worry, Hubs didn't know what a juhjeder was either.  It's just a term we've always used in my family to refer to people who bounce their knees.  It's a sin in my house.  And Hubs had never encountered the word because it was bred out of me to do it, and I bred it out of the Kid.  Knee bouncers... the bane of my mother's - and therefore my - existence. 

Maybe not having been around a juhjeder in over a decade made me particular sensitive to it.  That's about the closest I've come to wanting to exercise some of my fictional serial killing skills in years.  Argh.

On a happier note, we have a bunny visiting the yard again.  The first bunny since last year's vehicular homicide of Bun Bun.  I have, of course, named this one Bun Bun.  If it works, why mess with it, eh?

On another happy note, I finally figured out what bird has been eluding my identification of its song for the last 4 years.  It's a white-throated sparrow.  I identified them visually years ago.  I just had never put the song together with the bird.  Finally, I heard the song and saw the bird making it.  I was inordinately happy about that. 

This is probably why a friend got me a shirt that says BIRD NERD.

What's on your this n that skinny today?