Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 31

Hey All.

I didn't win the lottery this week.  Bummer. 

In an effort to get Dying Embers to meet the 'not for sale anywhere else' standard of KDP Select, I discovered a shitload of sites where it's been pirated.  More on that tomorrow at Outside the Box.  Not sure if that means I can't put it back into KDP Select.  We'll see.

I got the edits for Wish in One Hand back on Friday.  I'm excited to have them, but I'm dragging my feet on implementing them.  Which means there'll be a flurry of activity today because I am committed to launching this book on the 18th. Umm, yah, like two weeks from Tuesday.  Lots to be done. 

My newsletter went out on Friday.  So far only one person has requested a PDF copy, so if you wanted one, it's not too late.  Just follow the instructions in the newsletter.  =o)

I finally got a picture of one of our resident roadrunners:

That's him (her?) in the front yard.  Without perspective, you'll have to take my word about how big they are.  A little taller than a standard chicken but not nearly as wide and way faster.  (Which is why it took me two years to get a pic.)

Also, we finally saw a fawn!  Just yesterday morning, we were lamenting to one of our neighbors that we hadn't seen any fawns, and he was saying how he's seen several already this year.  Late yesterday afternoon, I was watching a doe from inside the sun porch when I noticed what appeared to be a tail flicking from behind the cedar.  I changed vantage points and sure enough, FAWN!  Let's just say we were inordinately happy.

And bats!  For some reason, the local bats have been wild about the corner of our house nearest my bathroom, so several mornings now I've stumbled into the bathroom to see bats swooping past my window.  This morning, I could hear them on the log siding.  I can't see a hole where they're getting into the house - which is good.  I can only assume at this point that they are driving swarms of bugs into that corner and having a buffet.

I got the bookmarks and the postcards for Wish in One Hand!  Both weren't supposed to be delivered until this coming week, so I'm totally happy.  Keep an eye on Facebook for ways to get your hands on those suckers.  So pretty.

Today, I have to edit.  I also need to put up a Goodreads listing for Wish in One Hand, get the ball rolling on Createspace, etc.  I'll be busy busy for the next couple weeks, but it'll be worth it to finally get this book into readers' hands. 

Quick note:  I live in a vacation destination, which means it's pretty quiet here from September to May, but between Memorial day and Labor day, the population swells.  (Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but enough.)  As such, the load increases on our local DSL and slows my internet speed way down.  This means my prime internet usage is first thing in the morning or later in the evening.  If you need anything from me, I will get it done - just not during the mid-day hours.  Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.  Luckily, there aren't too many people in the world who require anything of me.  ;o)

What's going on in your world lately?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

This n That Thursday

Something's wrong with the lottery website so I can't check whether I've already won.  I could use a little good luck.  Not that I've had bad luck - I'm just feeling like a little good luck would be welcome this morning.

I'm a little grumpy today.  Part of it was that Hubs' phone went off at 4:44am with some text message.  By the time we figured out what the hell the noise was and that it wasn't anyone actually calling, we'd lost the window of opportunity to go back to sleep.  And when we finally read the message, it was a crass joke.  Not even a good one.  The only people who text him are his brother's family - and they would never send anything like that.  Plus, they text like once a year and they're all asleep at that time of the night.  So, thanks for interrupting what little sleep we get Mr. Unknown Asshole.  (Had to be a guy. No girl would repeat that joke.)

You know, I probably laughed at that joke 20 years ago when I first heard it.  Hell, I know I told way worse jokes back then.  My sense of humor has changed.  I think it's because I think better of myself than I used to.  I should probably ruminate on that sometime.

I do that.  Ruminate on internal stuff sometimes.  Why do I like this? Why do I hate that? Why am I still going over that conversation I had last year?  Or the one from 10 years ago?  :shrug:

I was out running errands yesterday and one of my stops was a place where I know all the employees, we usually chat up a storm while I'm there, and they're all good people.  One of them was up to her ass in alligators, but she wanted to let me know how much she enjoyed my first book.  Then she said she wanted to read the second book and asked when it would be free.  Yeah, my jaw dropped, too.  Especially since she bought a paperback of the first book and didn't snag that one during its free ebook day.  Maybe she was joking but was too busy to carry the joke off right.  :shrug:

One of my former customers back in Michigan told my old boss (okay, he's my brother, too) how much he enjoyed Dying Embers and to make sure to pass that along to me.  =o)

Maybe if I keep thinking about things like that, my grump will pass.  Not promising anything, but there's hope.

What's on your 'this n that' list today?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 30

Hey all. 

It's been a week.  Stuff happened.  Other stuff was done. 

Stuff happening tends to derail stuff being done.  Know what I mean?  And it's not all stuff I can talk about.  Nothing personally specific to me - close enough so that I'm effected by it but far enough away so blasting it on the internet isn't up to me. 

Other than that, Max hasn't been feeling well again.  Oh, he seems to feel alright, but he's not eating.  I picked up more antibiotics, but they aren't cutting the mustard.  Back to the vet tomorrow.

I'm about 70% of the way through the line edits for Bloodflow. Then I have to input all those changes - both large and small.  I have plenty of time, since this one isn't releasing until November.  Still, I wish I could pick up the pace. 

I should have the final edits back for Wish in One Hand sometime this coming week.

I got the bookmarks ordered for Wish in One Hand.  I'll have those by August 3rd.  I should have the postcards ordered this week.  I should also have the newsletter out on the 1st, but I've been saying I'll work on that for a week now and it hasn't happened. 

Took a couple walks to try and de-stress.  Here's a pretty pic I took on one of them:

How are things in your world?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

This n That Thursday

A spider bit me on the back of the knee.  Probably while I was sleeping.  Dirty rotten bastige. On the upside, it's finally over the hump and starting to look like it's healing.  It's been a constant distraction for days, though.  It was really grody for a while there.

Despite all the bugs, I still really love living here.

Bandaids do not adhere well to the back of one's knee.

I still use words like gnarly and grody and cool.  They're fun and I'm not stopping just cuz they're passe.

It's RWA National Conference week.  My FB feed is filled with pics of authors having fun in NYC.  I wish I was with them, but in a way, I don't.  NYC is crowded enough.  Add in all the people from the RWA and I feel like having a panic attack just thinking about it.  Still, I would love to hang out with my friends.  Except for the drinking part. 

Yeah, I don't drink.  Nothing against other people drinking.  To each his own.  I'm just not interested in it anymore.  I probably drank the allotted amount of alcohol for 4 other people earlier in my life and I'm kinda over it.

Near-beer makes brats that are just as good as real beer brats.

I spent this morning paying bills.  I love having all the bills paid for the month, but man, I hate paying them.  Writing those checks and seeing my bank balance shrink?  Bleh.  Still, at least I have the funds to pay all our bills every month.  Always a positive.  I remember those lean years when I didn't and would play the financial roulette of 'Who can I get by without paying this week?  Pay the electric and not buy groceries, or buy groceries and put the electric off 'til next week because they won't start fining me until I'm 15 days late.'  Fun fun.  Or those times in college when I would buy a pack of cigarettes because smokes were cheaper than food and acted as a appetite suppressant.

What's on your 'this m that' list today?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


You know, the very first blog I started back in '06 was called Musings About Writing.  Thought I was pretty unique there - until I saw how many other people were 'musing'.  :shrug;  That became The Writing Spectacle.  Cuz, hey, it's all a spectacle.  And my first book's tentative title at the time was Spectacle.  (Yeah, vague and unspecific title there.  It's now called Fear Itself.)  The blog title stuck and there we are.

Ahem.  That wasn't what I was musing about when I started this post.  And somewhere between YOU and ARE in that paragraph, I lost my train of thought.  Be nice, I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet.

One thing I was musing about first thing this morning, pre-coffee, is how something that ticks me off and made me very ranty, passed pretty much unnoticed in the real world.  Funny how that happens. Some issue that has a limited number of people up in arms one way or the other, really isn't all that important to the rest of the freakin' world. As in, you know, normal people. Kinda puts things in perspective.  Kinda gives me hope that since it really isn't all that important, it will be ignored and perhaps will pass into not even a hiccup in history.  Time will tell.  If only all such nonsensical issues would pass so easily into obscurity.

Of course, there's the other chance - that something big will happen because of it and no one will have noticed until we're all without another little bit of freedom.  Again, time will tell.  Since my underlying passion is what I call 'speculative fiction' - wherein one speculates about the future in novel form - I tend to see the long term possibilities in all their horror and/or glory.

Think Twilight Zone.  The original one with Rod Serling.  That show was awesome and I suckled at it early - which is probably why I am the way I am. 

Of course, I also read books like Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem and Brave New World and Atlas Shrugged and 1984 during my formative years.  If those don't give you some insight into possible futures and make your mind wander down those paths, I don't know what will.

I guess, I could also point to the show Quantum Leap there, too.  One man, jumping around the time thread of his life, fixing things that can be fixed. 

Anyway, point me toward a book, movie, or show that explores the trail mankind could take, and I'm so there.

And now my musings have wandered as far a field as I want to let them this morning.  The coffee's starting to kick in and the brain is turning back into something a little more solidified. So I'll leave you with one last thought from Back to the Future III

The future isn't set in stone and it is what we make of it.  So make yours the best you can.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 29

Hey, I remembered on a Sunday!  I totally rock.

What happened last week?  Let's see...

I rolled out the cover reveal for the ebook version of Wish in One Hand.  Now I just need to complete the edits so I can put it out for pre-order.  So close.  I'll be showing the print version to my newsletter subscribers in the blast I send on August 1st, along with some exclusive stuff - a snippet, a contest for a free book, a chance to read an early ecopy of the book.  So, if you're not a newsletter subscriber, get on that before 8/1.  K?

I downloaded some other new image manipulation software that is supposedly to be comparable to my ancient Microsoft Image Composer.  So totally not.  Bleh.  I'll keep using the old stuff until some future updated Windows makes me stop.

My hardcopy book order arrived.  Ideal by Ayn Rand, Audacious by Mike Shepherd, Sew Deadly by Elizabeth Lynn Casey, and the National Audubon Society's Field Guide to Mushrooms.  Yeah, I'm eclectic.

I made some headway editing Bloodflow this week.  I love this book so much.  And this was the book that frightened me because it's pretty intricate with all the players and the intrigue and the technical stuff.  But it's coming together and should be ready for a November launch. 

Oh, and if you missed the cover reveal, here it is:

What's news in your world?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

This n That Thursday

I just heard a strange sound from the living room - like Hubs opened a shaken can of pop.  I'm too lazy to investigate.  By the time I go in there, I'm sure I'll forget to ask.

The way our house is laid out, the office is at the other end of the house from the living room, and my desk is on the far wall.  The phone is on a table at the far end of the living room.  If the phone rings while I'm at my desk, you can be pretty sure I'm probably not going to get there before the answering machine - unless I run. And I don't run.  I figure anyone who cares will leave a message.  Then Hubs' brother calls.  I see his name on the caller ID, but he doesn't leave a message.  I call him right back.  "Why didn't you leave a message?" "I never let a phone ring more than 4 times." "It takes me longer than 4 rings to get across the house." "Then you need to learn to walk faster."  ROFL  Ri-ight.

My crepe myrtle - the one I thought I killed when I transplanted it to a sunnier area?  It's covered in buds and should bloom sometime this week.  I'll try to post pics when I have them.  Oh, and the little hydrangea is full of big leaves.  No flowers this year, but maybe next year.

The dove slaughter I talked about Tuesday?  I found another place covered with feathers. Right in my marigolds. My theory is the falcon knocked the dove down there and then flew underneath the black walnut to eat his lunch.  Head's still there.  Gross.

I really need to weed, but it's so damn hot here right now.  I took Max out for a walk and damn near melted.  Max was happy to get back into the air conditioning, too, let me tell you.

Great Blue Herons make the most godawful noises.  There are a group of them who've set up a rookery in the trees behind my neighbors' house.  Sounds like someone is killing a giant toad over there. 

I went for a walk yesterday to check the river level.  Here's a couple shots to give you an idea how high it is:

Last fall:
Yesterday morning:
Pretty gross, eh?

What this n that do you have today?