Thursday, February 4, 2016

This n That Thursday

I was pondering this morning.  1) I'm officially fed up with the election and it's only February. 2) We have nine months until the election. 3) That's like being impregnated by Satan.  You have nine months before you see just what kind of Hell you're in for.  4) Last night, before I had done the month math, we were talking about the election and quoted that poem to Hubs: "What rough beast, it's hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?"  Creepy when you put it all together.  I think no matter who wins the presidency, we're all going to lose. How bad it's going to be depends on whose ass ends up in the big chair, and we won't know even then until that ass starts issuing orders.

Why, yes, I am a conspiracy theorist.

Speaking of which, we were at the Wallyworld the other day checking to see if they had any .22 ammo in - which we do whenever we think about it while we're in there.  (If you know ammo, you know why. If not, there's a huge shortage of .22 ammo in the nation.  Can't find the shit hardly anywhere.  It's become like a game of Where's Waldo? locating it.)  Of course, they didn't.  We struck up a conversation with the employee helping us.  Turns out he knows a guy who works in an ammo factory and the story is that there's a government ATF dude who shuts down production when he thinks they've made enough rounds.  I said something like 'I believe it, but then again, I'm a conspiracy theorist' and we all laughed. 

I don't know the Wallyworld guy from Adam, so the above could be an urban legend.  Why, yes, in addition to being a conspiracy theorist, I'm also untrusting. I did a Google search a while back to see if I could find actual info about the missing ammo.  I found nothing.  If the above was true, I would think there'd be internet articles about it.  Then again, the goons who suppress ammo might also suppress the news about it.  If I disappear, the goons have suppressed me, too.  ;o)

Found a flaw in Fertile Ground.  "Why can't you people get it through your head skulls?"  This has been fixed.

I get musey when I wake up at 4am.

Anything to add?  Muse away.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 5

Good morning!

So, last week, I finished the edit round with In Deep Wish.  I think I won that round.  It was a tough battle, though.  Took a lot of right hooks to the chin and a couple deep body blows.  And now I don't have to think about it for 3 weeks.  Well, except for writing the cover copy.  So far all I have is:  Jo does stuff.  ;o)

I settled on a series titles for the genie books: Once Upon a Djinn.  Not sure it's perfect, but it works and no one else is using it.  Besides, it's way better than the losing ideas.  So, I added that to listing of Wish in One Hand, and I took the initiative to add it to my cover art - rather than bother my artist. 

Works for me.

In other news, I raised the prices for Dying Embers, Wish in One Hand, and BloodFlow up to $2.99.  Still not an expensive way to spend your time.  I'll raise the price of Accidental Death after the 6th - because I committed to an advertiser to have it at .99 until then, so if you haven't read that one yet, now's the time to one-click that puppy. 

I started back to work on Fertile Ground yesterday.  Back at the end of last year, I read through it and made edit notes.  Now I'm inputting those.  Stuff like "If the office is new, where did Rick find out about the connected cases? Why is he working it? Solidify the reasoning." and "Where is the office in relation to Detroit and the airport? Between? Livonia?" and "Need to explain her need to transfer better. If reader hasn't read DE the Jace thing is weird and you need to make that the rationalization rather than the reason."  (Yes, I write these notes as if I'm talking to myself - you need to do this, why did you do that, what were you thinking.)

I also started reading through Up Wish Creek yesterday.  I love this book.  I already think I figured out the cover art idea - Jo in her library.  But we'll see if something else jumps out as a snazzier concept.

I got an idea for the beginning of the next genie book. And I got some ideas for the title concept of the next three books.  "Djinn on the Rocks", "Djinn and Tonic", "Straight up Djinn" or something like that.

I did something active 5 out of 7 days last week.  3 days of dance/exercise and 2 days of walk or rake.  Not bad, but I can do better.  Every day is the goal.

My reading kind of fell down.  I was focused on my own words, so I only finished one book - The Flight of the Phoenix.  Good book.  I love the original movie (never saw the remake) and the movie seemed to follow the book pretty well from what I remember.

What did your Week 5 look like?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This n That Thursday - Editing Edition

I am still up to my armpits in editing.  My house is a mess.  I haven't showered in days. I haven't exercised either.  (Which is kinda good considering the 'not showering' thing.)  I'm wearing the same clothes I put on Tuesday.  I had leftover pizza for lunch at my desk yesterday and a sandwich for dinner.  Can't tell you what Hubs ate.  He fended for himself.  Thankfully, Hubs is also tending to the cat.  Also, thankful that Hubs isn't a nagging, anal, clean freak.  That would totally suck.

I figured it out - I worked from 7:30am 'til noon-thirty, then worked from 2 - 5, then worked from 6 - 10 off and on last night.  (Off and on means I have the Kindle in my lap, the notebook next to me for jotting, and I make notes while I watch TV. If the program's really good, I make notes on commercials.)

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.  I will finish today.  I WILL finish today. 10% left to make notes on. Then the notes need to be entered.  Then I can send it to AWE.  THEN I will collapse into a quivering puddle.

Then I will start all over again, getting Fertile Ground ready to send to my editor next month.

Right now, though, my brain is consumed with editing.  So the this n that is more THIS than anything else.

What's the this-n-that skinny where you are?

ETA: Two hours more and I finished!  It's been sent off to the editor who will have it back to me in 3 weeks.  Meanwhile, I have to go back to Fertile Ground and re-read Up Wish Creek. Tomorrow.  I'll start that tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 4

Yeah, it's not Sunday.  Once again, I forgot Sunday was Sunday until it was way to late to matter anymore.  So, here we are on Monday.  Better late than never, right?

I have edit brain.  Deep in the brambles of word choice and tweakage I forget what day it is, what I'm supposed to be doing, and sometimes who I am.  I missed my deadline last night.  I'm now shooting for Wednesday.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I'm still on track for a mid-March release of In Deep Wish.

Today is day 21 of my 'do something active every day' goal.  Other than Thursday and Friday of last week, I've done something active every day.  Thursday and Friday?  I was under the weather.  (Felt like I should've been under a rock.)  I don't know if I've lost weight yet, but I do feel better.  Yesterday, I went out and attacked the big pile of leaves leftover from November.  It's wet and heavy, and frozen into flats like old shingles, but I hacked away at it.  Then I walked to the bottom of the hill and back.  THEN I came inside and talked Hubs into taking a walk.  We went around the loop (1.25 miles of up and down) and when we hit that last hill, I wasn't dying.  That's progress.

I've read 7 books so far this year.  Which puts me ahead of the goal. Which I need because I will inevitably fall down at some point, and get so busy I don't take the time to read. 

That's pretty much it.  Editing and exercise.  Interrupted by and interspersed with the creeping crud. 

How're things with you?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This n That Thursday

Wow.  I totally forgot Sunday was Sunday, which led to the whole week going to hell.  But here I am again with another round of this-n-that.

Kirk Douglas' real name is Issur Danielovich Demsky.  Which explains why he took the stage name.  Imagine putting that on a marquee. 

We have snow on the ground.  Just enough to cover the grass, but not enough to hide the sticky-uppy strands.  The local news showed a picture at a major intersection in Springfield with a mention about how it hadn't been plowed yet.  Plowed? There's only like a 1/2 inch for petesakes.  Throw some rock salt on that sucker and call it good.  Where we lived in CO, they wouldn't send the plows out for less than 2".  Different strokes for different areas, I guess. 

My cat has this quirk where she likes to lay with her face in the water bowl.  Just her chin, mostly, although she does sometimes fall asleep like that and we hear her sputtering because her face dropped too far. 

I'm reading the third book in 'The Cat Who..." series by Lillian Jackson Braun.  Fun books. 

I was under the weather yesterday.  Must've been something I ate.  I have a keen love of leftovers and a stupid sense of when they probably should've been throw out.  It tasted fine. Really it did.  But it couldn't have been anything else.  On the upside, I spent the 'after lunch' part of the day laying in my recliner, reading and watching TV. 

Any this n that to share today?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

This n That Thursday

Apparently, I didn't win the Powerball.  I haven't checked my tickets yet, but the scuttlebutt is that someone who bought a ticket in the LA area won.  And I am hell and gone from LA.  We also bought some state lottery tickets.  Haven't checked those either.  Plus we bought scratchers, but those were both duds.  Oh well.

I lay in bed last night trying to sleep and thinking about how right now our favorite fishing spot and our second favorite lake spot is totally trashed after the flooding.  I mean, it wasn't exactly pristine before.  Some time ago, it was abandoned as a 'maintained site'.  Which means no fees to get in, but also no people watching over it to make sure morons don't break shit or trash it up, and no one to maintain the paved portions, and no bathrooms, and no workers to come clean it after floods and junk.  And as I lay not sleeping, I laid out a plan for what I would do with the park after I won the Powerball lottery.  I mean, 1.5 billion dollars goes a long way toward buying a defunct park from the state. I would clean it up, fix the bathrooms, redo the road and the parking area and the boatramp.  Then I would pay someone to act as guard and caretaker.  It would be free to get in, but with the express idea that if people don't treat it nice, it'll be turned into a 'pay to play' park.  Maybe 'members only' with a nominal fee so the people who went there would care what happened to it.  :sigh: 

Anyway, since that ain't gonna happen, I'll just hope some local residents with heavy equipment go over there and move the big logs and set it right again.  I know they fixed it up after last summer's flooding, so there's hope.  Once they do that, I'll be back out with my little garbage bag picking up the small stuff like I do when we're out there fishing.  You know, the way parks could all be maintained if the people who used them gave half a shit. 

But enough of that. 

In my bird-a-day calendar, yesterday's bird was some kind of weird, ugly chicken.  Good thing I forgot to change it yesterday, so I got to spend the day looking at the day before's cute chickadee instead.  Today the bird is a willet.  (Long-legged shore bird.)  I love my bird-a-day calendar!

I'm on day 10 of 'do something active every day'.  For the past nine days, it's been every day, so that's something.  I'm keeping track of it in my day planner.  The unfortunate side effect of upping my activity level is that now I'm hungry all the time.  That's seriously farqued up. I'm sure it's all in my head.  I'm not exercising that hard.  So, I'll just have to uncover some willpower somewhere and get over it. 

What this n that have you got goin' on today?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 1

Well, here we are at the beginning of a whole new year.  Other than the date, not much has changed, so let's just get right on with the updating.

After some pushing, I got the edit notes finished for this pass on Fertile Ground.  I haven't counted the pages yet, but they look pretty hefty.  Good thing I got them done when I did...

My edit notes for In Deep Wish came in from my editor on Friday.  And I knew without even looking that they would be hefty, too.  I sat down with the first chapters yesterday and aarrgghh.  No worries, though.  That's always my reaction to seeing my book all pinked up.  (My editor works in pink. Still pretty bloody, but more oxygenated than red ink.)  I'll get working on those today.  Because...

I will have this back to her in two weeks.  Well, my calendar says the 24th.  Two weeks from the date I expected to get the edit notes back.  Or something.  Anyway, I will do that.  I have to do that to keep on schedule.  And really there isn't anything keeping me from doing it but my own loathing of editing.  Which I need to get the hell over because this is a business not a party.

I finally made some time to read some stuff.  Older stuff, but it's still reading.  I read The Turquoise Mask by Phyllis A. Whitney and The D.A. Goes to Trial by Erle Stanley Gardner.  Good stuff.  I'm also a large chunk of the way through Beyond Varallan (Star Doc #2) by S.L. Viehl. 

I received the final cover for In Deep Wish.  Ebook only.  I'm not even close to giving her the page count or blurb so she can put together a print cover.  It's really awesome, but I can't share it yet.  Well, I could, but I won't until release day gets closer and I can get a Goodreads listing up.  Maybe in my next newsletter.  (So if you want to see it before anyone else, sign up for that sucker.)  I can tell you that the central color for this one is green.  (Like Wish in One Hand's was blue.)

My artist and I also talked a little about Up Wish Creek, but that won't be started until May.  All I know right now is the central color for that will be purple. 

I also began trying to build a cover for Fertile Ground.  I did a lot of stuff and then made a huge mistake, so I clicked Undo, and undid everything.  After that I was too heartsick to continue.  I'll get back to that soon.  If I can't create a professional cover for this one, the cover artist for my genie books says she can do it.  I love her, but I really want to try and do this myself. 

Week one of the 'be more active' goal worked out like this. Starting Tuesday, I did something active every day so far.  Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat - I did actual exercise type things.  Wed and Fri - Hubs and I walked.  Today I hope to exercise and then clean.  Anything that gets my ever-widening ass out of a chair and gets my blood moving at a faster rate than hot, chunky peanut butter.

Well, that seems like about it for me.  What did you do for the first week of the year?