Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 50

Okay.  Here we are.  Another week on the books for 2016.  Two weeks left until 2017.  I keep seeing people saying how 2017 is going to be awesome and it occurs to me that 2017 will be just like 2016 unless the individual does something to make it different.  Don't just wish for a better year.  Make it so.  Jus' sayin'.

That said, I am not in the process of making anything different. I did not write or edit anything this past week and the coming week ain't looking good neither. 

I read two books last week.  First off, I finished a book I started 42 years ago or so.  You see, when I was about four, I decided I wanted to write a book.  So, I got some paper and my mom's copy of Robinson Crusoe. And I began writing Robinson Crusoe - as in copying it word for word.  I think I made it about 2 paragraphs in.  I read the rest of the book for the first time last week.  I also read Mickey Spillane's The Deep.  Awesome stuff.  My new favorite Spillane novel.  So good.

I spent some time helping Hubs tidy up the neighborhood well house.  One day, we cut down trees together, then I pulled weeds while he cut the tree bits into manageable pieces.  Another day, we insulated the place.  Good thing, too, because it got down to like 5F last night.  It was ass-kicking work, but it's done and we don't have to worry about it anymore. 

All of my Christmas gifts have arrived - either here or to their intended recipients.  (We're pretty sure.  Hubs has to call his mom to make sure she got hers.)  Seems like everyone's happy with their gifts.  I know we're happy with ours.  Hubs and I gave each other fishing stuff.  It's basically all for bass.  Yamamoto Senko artificial baits, hooks, sinkers, etc.  I also got us a knot-tying guide (more for me than him) and a copy of Petersen's Guide to Freshwater Fish.  It's pretty awesome, even if they did pluralize bass to basses.  (I just googled it and it's acceptable, but it's weird - like pluralizing moose to mooses.) 

I fished a little last week, but not a lot.  It's too freakin' cold.  Oh well.  Spring isn't that far off.  ;o)

How were things in your world last week? 


  1. You have one more present to come. I just need to address and mail. This week. It might be a New Year's gift. LOL

    I did get the majority of shopping done in person or on-line on Friday. Cold shtuff hit Saturday morning. I got worried about the feral cat we feed, even though he was curled up in the house the neighbors left on our porch for him. They're cat people too, and it came with a cat bed stuffed inside but not insulated otherwise. The porch is protected mostly but still frigid and temps in single digits? (It was 3 degrees this morning.) I would have worried all night so I scooped Pye-racket up and ducked through the house with him, passed the dogs. They were interested, he wasn't but cool. I made it to the garage and was in the process of putting him down when LG opened the other door to the garage (we have two--one from an interior hall, one from the Florida room), carrying the house. Pye freaked. I have the deep claw marks to prove it. Ah well. He's not happy--not a house cat but he used the litter box and while he's ignoring his cat house now, he is using the nest of old towels I made for him. He can go out tomorrow because we're back in single digits tonight. Or maybe Tuesday...I just checked the weather. Monday night may be single digits too. I may have to let him out Monday so LG can leave for work and then hope he comes back Monday night for a recapture... :(

    Oh, and I'm writing. Or trying to.

    2017 will be what it is. Crossing my fingers for a better year and feeling hopeful about things for the first time in years. 'nuff said. :)

    Stay warm! And I'm sure the neighbors appreciate the work you and hubs did on the well house!

    1. You didn't have to get me anything, but thank you! Gifts are welcome before, during, after, and way after the holidays. ;o)

      Poor kitty. When we had Max outside in the winter, I made a home for him out of a big plastic tub that I'd cut a door hole in. Layered the bottom with foam and blankets, then put an old comforter around it with a gap for him to get inside. He spent a toasty winter in there.

      I hear ya on the 'trying to write' thing.

      Yay for hopeful!

      Not sure they appreciate it, but we sure appreciate not having to worry about it when it's this damn cold. =o)

  2. I need to dig up Robinson Crusoe. I think Dad read it to us when I was 8, but no memory of it since.

    I read Treasure Island this week, and loved it as much as I did the first time. The book still stands strong, even though it was written around 1881.

    Finished the re-read of 5C, with minor tinkering. It's time to get it to my beta reader. Well, after it warms up a little. We're having arctic weather here, too.

    I'm trying to work up the gumption to play with 6C's outline. But I have been working (a little) on the dressmaking book. The cold wears me out. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.) :-)

    1. It's pretty dry in places, Deb, but overall a fun read. Probably would've been more exciting if someone was reading it to me. ;o)

      I loved Treasure Island when I read it for the first time this past year. Yep, still a good read after all these years.

      Yay for finishing 5C! Yuck on the arctic weather.

      LOL, this seems to be a refrain for us writers this time of year. Where did all the gumption go??? Ah, the cold. Yep, blaming it on the cold works for me, too.