Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 49

Three weeks left in 2016.  I saw someone on FB having a total meltdown about 2016, basically shouting about what a horrible year it had been because of the election results and how they wanted to burn the whole damn year to the ground.  Sad.  Apparently, this person still has fingers to type, a computer to type on, utilities (electricity, internet) to get their messages out to the world, and friends to commiserate with them.  And the freedom to bitch loudly in public.  I'd venture 'the whole damn year' wasn't nearly worth burning to the ground for her. 

Yesterday, one of my readers whose had a rough year totalled her car.  She will be fine.  Her arm is broken and she's bruised up.  And she still has a better attitude than that other person.

Okay, so for me last week...

I'm still in that place where I can't figure out how to get Wish Hits the Fan into any kind of groove.  I might switch over to working on Early Grave and see if Ned can't speak to me.  So, yeah, no writing this week.  And no editing.  And no marketing. 

I did some woods work.  The top half of a dead tree snapped and fell in the woods just off the house sometime since the last time I was working in the woods.  I got some of that sawed up and dragged to the brush pile.

Friday, Hubs and I woke up, made coffee, and did our morning things.  Then the water pretty much died down to a trickle.  No, the pipes weren't frozen.  No water line breaks.  Called around - apologizing for the earliness of the call along the way - and discovered the six homes on the well were all in the same spot.  Hubs and two other residents went to the well house.  No freeze there either.  Something was wrong with the pump.  He got on the horn, got someone out here, and we had water again by 10am.  He's the man.  It was a capacitor, btw. 

In the course of dealing with the well, he noticed that the well house hadn't been really cleaned up around in forever, so he and I took some initiative.  We spent a couple hours out there hacking back the forest, pulling weeds, and raking.  It looks good outside now.  Next up, the inside.  Because ew.

I went fishing Sunday - Tuesday.  Hubs caught a crappie, but that was it for all three outings. 

Made a batch of cake cookies.  Yum.

And I 'repaired' my keyboard.  I don't know about you, but I wear off certain letter way before the keyboard is dead.  So, I found some white out - in pen form - and re-wrote the letters on certain keys.  It looks like hell, but at least I can see where the keys are now.  Culprits: WERTASDFC

What's been up in your worlds?


  1. As long as it wasn't a flux capacitor! LOLOL

    Every time I see/hear/have to endure a meltdown over the election, I just want to shake my mother finger and in an adult voice, yell "Grow up and put your big girl/boy panties on!" Don't even get me started... Moving on...

    I have my pretty shiny workhorse who is call Nikos. I can reach out and touch him or type merrily away. Size matters... ;)

    Yeah, my body chemistry eats the letters too. I have a plastic keyboard cover for both my laptop and my ergo-keyboard for Nikos. One is nice and tidy, the other has been cut/pasted to fit. My culprits: RTASFUM

    I have until the end of the month to write a 25K novella. I finally started it last week while I was on Ari (my Mac) while Toasterbox was getting transferred to Nikos. Then I had to spend a lot of time downloading backed up files because the geek didn't. And I had to set up a new browser, re-download apps I use and I ended up having to buy a new version of Office. Yippee. :-P I think I'm ready to go now. Time to get on that novella. LOL

    That's pretty much my life at the moment. Words. Many, many words. Interspersed with some manic Christmas shopping/wrapping/prep stuffs.

    And I'm so sorry about your fan/reader/friend! So glad she wasn't severely injured. Holding good thoughts for her.

  2. Hugs to your reader! For me it's just been another year I won't even remember in a decade. Should I last so long! ;-)

    Yikes on your water problem! Darn capacitors. That's what went out on my AC a couple of years ago during a heat wave. Not fun. Waited a week for the tech, and he fixed it in five minutes.

    I finished 5C! Again. Had to write a new chapter to fill in some plot holes. I really have something against one character - the plot (decided three books ago) calls for him, but I insist on ignoring him now that he's made his appearance. I'm trying to give him a big role in 6C so I can't ignore him as easily.

    Idea for WHTF: Drop in a new and naughty character to put shiver in Jo's socks. ;-)