Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 20

Welcome to the Sunday Update, wherein I talk about all the stuffs that happened (or lack thereof) in my previous week.

I started out the week gangbusters on the writing and then life happened.  I did get about 4800 words out over 4 days.  Not my fastest, but it was something. Shroudlands 2 is now just over 16000 words.  

No editing.  No marketing.  And very little reading (hence the absence of a Reading Wrap-up again this week.)   The only baking I did was a batch of zucchini bread early in the week.  Coincidentally, that was the only day I got any exercise.  

We set up an appointment to get my brakes done on Friday.  Hubs followed me out in the Jeepster, we dropped off Cally Cavalier, and went home.  They figured about 5-6 hours.  It only took 4.  Yay.  We loaded back into the Jeepster and headed down the road to pick up my babycar.  Suddenly, there was a thunk and a clunk and the power steering on the Jeepster went out.  Now, there is NOWHERE to pull over here.  These highways do not have shoulders.  They have deep, jagged ditches and drop offs.  He wrestled with the car as we headed toward town.  The temp gauge shot right the hell up and we continued to limp along.  Another thunk and clunk. I saw something fly out from under the back of the Jeep.  Still moving, still overheating, he coaxed that old beast another couple miles until we reached the bank parking lot - the first safe place to stop, really.  We parked it and I went into the bank to make some calls.  The mechanic has no towing.  They have no one who can come get me to at least pick up Cally.  On the verge of calling for a tow, a nice man who'd overheard my saga says he can drive us to the mechanic.  Yay.  Long story shortened a bit, we got the car, we had the Jeep towed home, and all is well.  A pulley thing fell off (most likely due to a loose bolt), dropping the serpentine belt onto the highway.  We found the belt laying alongside the highway and picked it up.  We never did find the pulley thing.  It probably rolled into a ditch somewhere along the way.  Hubs can replace the pulley thing himself and the belt is fine.  Thankfully none of this was as bad as it could've been.  

On an additional note, I have to take the car back to get a slight adjustment on the rear passenger brake cuz it makes a noise when the brakes are applied.  But only after the car has been driven for more than ten miles.  (I know this because we took the car back yesterday and it wasn't making the noise by the time we got to the mechanic, so we told them never mind and left, but it started up again by the time we'd gotten to our gas station for a fill-up* and smokes.  Derp.)

No, I am not interested in getting a new car.  We'll drive Cally and the Jeepster until they fall apart.  

Anyway, this past week also saw my birthday and our anniversary.  Birth-iversary or Anni-birthday, however you want to look at it.  We had cheesecake as a special thing on the anniversary (which doubled as birthday cake) and then bacon cheeseburgers for the special thing on my birthday.  Other than that, they were just regular days.  

And that's about it for my super-exciting life.  How was your week?

*Gas was $3.99 here yesterday.  $40 to fill my car, which still had about a third of a tank.  I've never spent $40 to fill any tank of any car I've ever owned.  =o\


  1. But hey, if you had an electric car, it wouldn't cost you anything to fill the tank.... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤯 (that last one is my head exploding.)

    Bummer on the car issues. We went through a hassle like that with LG's truck. Ended up with a new engine but now it's like new so he'll be driving it forever, just like I am with Drover (my Highlander).

    OSU is still in the hunt. They play the regional champtionship game this afternoon. LOTS of softball so not getting much done.

    Life pretty much took over last week. And it looks like it's going to the same this week. Not much writing or revisions but I did listen to a lot of books. I'm like 8 ahead of my challenge currently.

    COOL weather! Too cold to open the windows but I did crack my office window and could smell the honeysuckle. 🥰

    Gas is $3.89 here. Ugh. I'm old enough I remember when it was 25 cents and when it hit a whole dollar, we all FREAKED!!! TPTB are so totally stupid.

    Mostly, my week was a blur. Hopefully the new one will be less so. Hang in there. Later, tater.

  2. How awful about your Jeep. Glad it was fixable though.
    We paid $4.33 in Texas. In Texas!! Where we make the gas!!!

    It makes me livid the way the government is crippling us. And now it's monkey pox they're warning us about. Talk about scripted ways to herd us into compliance.

  3. Hugs on the car woes. I'm glad you were able to get to town safely. But now you have something new and exciting to write about! (Please don't kick me...)

    Between Mom's heart attack and catching a cold, no writing got done. I was lucky to get my orders out, and I hope I didn't send anyone my germs.

    Wishing for a better week for all of us!