Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 19

Mornin' Everyone.  Let's just jump right into the week, okay?

I had a good writing week, if a bit strange for me.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I wrote on SCIU4 - 2770 words.  Friday and Saturday, I shifted gears and worked on Shroudlands2 - 3188 words.  Right now, I have to go where the inspiration takes me.  And right now, the inspiration is following reader input.  But I'll try and talk about that more tomorrow.

I didn't read anything else all week until yesterday when I went ahead and picked up a suspense novel I've been chomping to read.  If I'm writing fantasy, a suspense shouldn't harsh my groove.  Yes, being a writer is weird.

In baking news, I did a lemon oil cake with strawberry frosting.  I also did a batch of granola bars.  Expect the baking to slack off now that the weather is decidedly warmer.  Although, I do plan to make a batch of zucchini bread today.  Hubs does love his granola bars and zucchini bread for breakfast.

On the activity front, I managed 4 days worth.  Tuesday I sprayed weeds in the driveway, which was a haul.  Wednesday, I took a short walk in the woods.  Thursday, I did a BIG grocery trip.  Friday, I mowed the lawn for an hour.  (Hubs did the rest - which took another 3 hours.  We have a push mower and a big lawn.)

Speaking of spraying weeds... it only worked a little.  I needed more vinegar in the vinegar, dish soap, Epsom salts, water mix.  Hubs redid the driveway yesterday using mostly vinegar in his big sprayer on wheels.  (I used the pump sprayer.)  By afternoon, there was visible Weed-mageddon going on out there, so yay.  

As for the grocery trip, it was BIG.  I went in and got all the non-perishable stuff and took it out to the car.  Then I went back in and got all the meats, cheeses, produce, and frozen stuff.  We're good for at least a month now.  One trip saves gas.  We won't talk about the fundage I dropped.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.  It was all stuff we needed, but ouch.

I did buy a lottery ticket this week.  Won $10.  Woohoo.  In other gambling news, I won another tournament.  202 people started and I was the last man standing.  The whole thing lasted 101 minutes.  

The bunnies are back for the Spring.  There's one in the yard right now.  Yay!  Also, the deer have reached maximum fat pregnant, so we should be seeing the mass drop toward their hips and then a sudden thinning as they bring fawns into the world.  We won't see fawns until late June, if things run along previous years' schedules.  We did have two yearling bucks laying in the front yard the other day, though.  How cool is that?

The weather here has been weird.  Too hot for right now and storms that are predicted but pass us and dump all over other people.  We're predicted to have a nasty one today.  Here's hoping it also goes elsewhere.  

Not sure what's on tap for the week ahead.  More writing.  I have to get back to the neverending weeding.  I should also probably get some cleaning done.  Otherwise, the possibilities are end... Okay, not endless, but there are possibilities.  ;o)

How was your week?  


  1. Yay for all those new words! And I'll admit, I sometimes end up working on more than one project at a time, depending on what words stick in my brain demanding that know...actually write them down. I was scribbling in my notebook at 3 a.m. the other day and it was a scene and characters that I have no clue where they belong. Probably a Nightrider, but maybe a Hard Target. We'll see.

    Yay for critters! Most of my visitors are domestic of late. Did have a skunk, a possum, and a coon on various nights. We've had problems with the escape artist dogs. LG spent yesterday fixing the chainlink fence. He's using a fiberglass trellis to shore it up, after digging out the bottom, "sewing" the chainlinks with wire around the bottom pipe, then lining with brickes, topped with the trellis, which is also wired to the chainlink, and then buried. We'll see.

    Pete is not getting gushy food. He's not leavin'. LOL

    HONEYSUCKLE! I 💖 honeysuckle so much. I just wish it wasn't so hot so I could either open the window or sit outside. Ah well.

    Good reading week. Eh on the writing of new words but I did finish ASSASSIN'S MOON so this week, on to UNDER THE ASSASSIN'S MOON. then it's making sure the formatting and backmatter is up to date and then I can upload them and space them out for release, with one a week.

    Not much else in my world. Hang in there!

  2. Yay for new words! I'm glad you're back in the groove.

    I need to spray weeds. But far worse, I need to poison fire ants! They're especially bad this year.

    We're in for near 100F all this week. Moan!

    Mom had a very very very minor heart attack yesterday morning. We hauled her off to the hospital when she complained of chest pain, mostly against her will. At first the ER doc didn't find anything, but the blood tests came back with an enzyme, so they're keeping her for observation for a couple of days. Right now she's bored and wants to come home -- her vacation isn't as relaxing as it should be. But the food is good.

    During visiting hours I'll take her a cozy mystery. :-)

    I did an acceptable bit of work through the week, in between rescuing my house. Cleo gets bored, you know. LOL!