Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Yeah, I'm Still Alive

 I forgot to post yesterday.  No real reason.  Maybe my brain was too wrapped up in this weather crap.  :shrug:

Speaking of which it's negative 9 outside right now.  Nine below zero...  41 below freezing. :shudder:  And it's just under 64F in the office.  The furnace - which isn't really a furnace, it's a heat pump - is having trouble getting the house up to it's usual 68F.  Plus it's always colder in the office.  But the thing is running and as long as it's running, life is good.  The two space heaters in the garage are keeping the areas where there are pipes at 40F.  Anything above freezing is bonus.  I do not want to see the electric bill for next month.

Having a bathroom in the garage is kind of a pain in the ass.  I mean, it's good for washing yucky things in the sink out there rather than in the nice bathrooms, but I don't think either of us have used the toilet in there in 8 years.  If there were no bathroom out there, we wouldn't give a rat's furry, white hiney how cold it was out there.  

We got about four and a half inches of snow from the first round of snow dumpage.  It's supposed to start snowing again tonight.  Maybe an inch or two more from that.  Blerg.

From a FB page I follow about local weather, I got a link to a site that tracks power outages.  We haven't lost power at all.  I saw someone on FB talking about potential rolling blackouts in the area due to shortages of natural gas (due to the NG wells freezing), and a neighbor stopped yesterday to tell Hubs he heard our power company might be considering doing that, too.  Fingers crossed they don't actually have to do it.  I mean, it would only be for 30-60 minutes at a time, but blerg.

One upside to all this is that I've been making yummy things to eat.  For instance, yesterday I made frittatas for breakfast and then stew for dinner and also coffee cake.  Sunday, I made a vat of spaghetti with a side of garlic bread.  Saturday I made chili and cornbread.  I now have a freezer full of leftovers and Hubs will have to roll me out of here when this is over.

In other news, the weather is making people cranky.  I watched people basically yelling at each other in several threads on the area road conditions.  Dudes, chill.  Yeah, people are asking the same questions over and over without reading the other threads where the questions might be answered.  Yeah, it's pretty logical to think if road X and road Z are crappy, so is road Y.  But for the most part these days, logic has flown the coop.  More so when people are concerned about their safety and their needs.  They're hoping against hope that THEIR ROAD will be okay because they need to get to work or to go buy milk and bread and baby formula.  While their asking might be annoying, it's not really hurting anyone.  Sheesh.

On a lighter note, I saw someone made a meme that shows a snowy road.  In answer to the question 'how are the roads?', it has a dialogue bubble popping up from the road itself saying "I'm fine. Thanks for asking:.  Humor is the key, man.  I saw another one that showed a snowy, steep road and said something like 'Texas Driving Tip: Stay Home.  Y'all aren't conditioned for this.'  It made me LOL because my brother in OK messaged me yesterday with something along those lines.  We're Michiganders, folks.  The pictures I'm seeing of the 'bad roads' are pretty tame compared to what I used to drive through on a regular basis.  It's all relative.  I saw another meme that said something about 'don't laugh at southerners for not being able to cope with the cold and snow, we don't laugh at you northerners when it gets hot up there'.  Umm, yeah, you do.  And you should.  Share the laughs.  Sometimes laughing is all you've got to keep from crying.

Know what I mean?

What are you finding to laugh about today?

One last thing that I hope makes you smile.  Through all this snow and frigid temps, we have sparrows singing their little hearts out.  They're all round like feathery tennis balls right now, but they're finding something to sing about.  Maybe they're just happy we're leaving them loads of sunflower seeds so they have stuff to eat without having to scratch through the snow.  And we're happy to do it for them.  


  1. Yeah...there are idiots out on the road. In our case, it's deep snow and getting through snowdrifts and snowplow drifts despite all warnings that people in low-clearnace cars can't get around! Dumb bunnies. One of the storm chasers showed the same doofus get stuck in his Honda Accord FOUR TIMES!

    I've only seen 2 of the feral since the snow and subzero temps hit. The "cat lady" across the street has seen 1 of the usuals so 3 are unaccounted for. 😟

    The kids got hit with a rolling blackout this morning for just over an hour. So far **knock wood** we're good. Garage is staying above freezing, though LG insulated the hoses and faucets well and we're leaving the little space heater blasting 24/7. The toilet in the master froze again overnight. Two 20-minute blasts of the hairdryer did the trick. I can deal with that. Hotwater heater and all the other lines are good.

    LOTS of snow out there. I had to go shovel some off the patio so poor ol' Boone could go out. The snow was so deep he kept falling down. His back hips aren't what they used to be. 😟

    Not getting any writing done. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking "ROLLING BLACKOUTS!!!" and "NO NOTICE!!!" so losts of mental **FLAILING**.

    And yeah, the weather memes make me laugh.That and the head weather dude keeps saying "Next Wednesday, folks! A high of 60!!!" Yeah, that would be a WEEK from tomorrow. I'll be sharing one weather meme I found on MeWe to FB today. I think you'll get it. 😉

    For now, down and in and trying to figure out what to fix for dinner since there's no way I'm doin' $10 Tuesday Pizza today! Nope. Not gonna.

    Stay warm and safe! Warmer days on the horizon. Maybe.

  2. Rolling blackouts, here! I'm sneaking in between outages. I got my postage printed, so I'm good. Don't know if the mail lady can get down here, but that's another problem.

    LOL to the snow memes. Texans don't know what to do with snow or ice. They're right, Texas is pretty much shut down.

    Now I better shut down before the power goes. Stay warm!

  3. Hope you all (B.E., Silver, Deb) are doing OK and that nothing freezes. Hard when you're not used to it (hard even when you are and the power goes out). Stay warm, stay safe <3